Welcome to the start of the Eastern Sierra Webcam Network. The vision is to have a network of webcams from Fort Independence up to the Mammoth Lakes Area.

Those webcams would show both a live feed and static images of road & weather conditions, local mountain views, local town views, and of course our Mammoth Snowman accumulation cam.

The install rate will all depend on getting enough funding along with private homeowners and local businesses who want to participate by being webcam hosts.

There will be a second phase to this project as well and that will be adding Davis Weather Stations to some of the locations that have the webcams installed.

**Update 5-2-22 There have been some setbacks in getting the show started but fear not we now have 4 locations to get set up over the next 4 weeks and are looking for a couple more for June and then in July. Yahoo getting close…

Webcam #1  This webcam will be at Mammoth Business Essentials at 7800 feet in Mammoth Lakes. You can see Meridian blvd and the Sherwin Range from this location.


Webcam #2 will be the Future Home of the Mammoth Snowman Accumulation Webcam and is located at the 8200 Feet level in the Mammoth Slopes just below Canyon Lodge.

There is a nest cam running here now with limited bandwidth. If the screen is black it means to many people are on. Once we raise enough funds a new webcam will be purchased and connected to our serve so lot’s of people can watch it snow next season. 

Webcam #3  Will be located at Fast Ski Sports in the Minaret Village Mall. With a great view all the way up to the Top of Mammoth Mountain, Dave’s Run, and the East Bowl. You can even see the top 1/2 of Lincoln Mountain from this location.

Webcam #4 – Private Location near Chair 15 with a view out to the Sherwins and White Mountains.

Help Us Make the Webcam Network Happen!

#1 Need: Start-Up Funding – The start to finish cost for each webcam that gets installed at a host location is $1000-$2500. That price includes the pre-set-up, the webcam, the electrical contractor, the webcam server hock up, and all the equipment needed to run a live video feed. Here is the link where you can make a donation or become a member.

#2 Need: Private Home Owners with a View they want to share. – Do you have a killer view in Mammoth Lakes or in the Eastern Sierra? Consider offering that view up to the world by becoming a webcam host.  Take a look at this link for all the information.

#3 Need: Business Webcam Hosts – Does your business have a great view or view of the town or a good view of a road condition webcam? This is an incredible advertising and branding opportunity for your business that nobody is using yet! Take a look at this link for all the information.

#4 Need: Webcam Sponsors –  If you are NOT blessed with a view you still have a chance at this new venue. We are looking for Businesses, Condo Associations or even Individuals that want to Sponsor a webcam. This is a great advertising opportunity to market your business to all webcam viewers without having a view yourself.

To find out more call Steve Taylor the Snowman at 760-709-1351

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