Mammoth Creek Trip Report - June 16, 2007

Mammoth Creek Trip Report – June 16, 2007
By Steve Taylor

So this week the word was DFG would stock the fished out Mammoth Creek. Oh boy, I thought, time for a few days of some backyard fun with the kids.

Add in some early morning hooks ups before anyone in town was awake… and well it sounded like a fun fathers day weekend to me.

Little did we know Roy from Alpers would also throw in a few creek lunkers as well… He must have dropped in 25-50 fish in the 1.5 – 2.0 pound range. The result was OMG!!

One of the biggest fish days I have EVER had on The Creek!! To share it with my kids on Father’s day weekend was Awesome!!

We hooked into 8 of those Alpers and landed 6 of them. We threw three back and took three home for trout fillets. Oh boy, what a day…

(This 16 inch 1.75 Pound Alpers Trout was my first Catch of the day!)

My best catch of the day was at 630 am… I had just hooked into a pan-sized DFG fish when I saw a monster in the water. I landed and released the first fish and went after that big boy.

My hunt had me sneaking up from downstream. That Alpers Trout never saw me once and if it did it was not spooked at all. I baited up with a Gulp Egg and then cast within 8 inches of that fish’s head.

Mr. Trout saw the gulp and attacked it instantly. I sat there still half asleep watching the whole thing happen. My soul rose up and said “WOW!! HOOK UP!!” and then the creek fight of my life was on. It seemed at that point that the morning coffee kicked into full gear.

The fish went up and back in the 15-foot long pond twice and then dove for some branches underwater.

I saved my line from the branches only to see the fish dive downstream into some very thick willows. I was stubborn and did not give.

The second blessing came when I was able to pull that fish out of the bush and start the fight up in the creek pool again.

That fish was smart and wanted to do a beeline downstream.

Guess who would win the battle if this happened? …So I risked it all and tightened the drag to the max. “O no! The drag is not working and is about burned up.” So I grabbed the line and stopped the fish’s charge.

That fish then came right at me and I kept a nice bent rod up, a tight line, and then got my net around the fish.

This all went on for ten minutes. Wow! What a wake-up call that was. Time for Breakfast.

After Breakfast and telling the family my fish story for the day I headed to Mammoth Creek Park with my son. I thought hmmm let’s go throw a line in and see what happens.

Lol, my Son and I hooked into 4 DFG stockers and 5 more of those big 16-18 inches fighting Alpers right next to the park.

We took two home and threw the rest back in the creek. The fish to the right are the ones we pulled out next to the park!

It’s no lie that Mammoth Creek is one of my favorite places to fish. The Creek is Mammoth’s “good ole Fishin hole” hang out for kids and the young at heart.

Later in the day as we started to write this trip report and edit the pictures. My Daughter and I had to run back to the creek for one more hour of fun.

The result was my daughter hooked into three of those Alpers and she was able to land this one after losing the first two fights. This one was 17 inches at 1.75+ pounds.

How did we catch all those fish? We Gulped ’em big time with Gulp eggs and Berkley Red Power Worms.

We hooked seven of the Alpers on Berkeley Gulp eggs. Yep, Those darn gulp eggs kick butt. I caught one fish on Berkley Red Power Worms.

We hooked into that one by dangling the worm in front of that fish for 5 minutes before it ate the thing and then the fish went nuts. Best Father’s Day ever!

Mammoth Creek has lots of great little fishing holes for people who love to fish in a tight creek. You will find DFG stockers and better yet… once in a while an Alpers 1.5-2 pound trout.

There are also fish stories of large Browns Hiding out in the residential area of the creek.

Today’s Session 6-15-2007 was one and will always be one of the best days ever on Mammoth Creek.

Written By: Steve Taylor – The Snowman