Fishing in Mammoth Lakes – If you have never been fishing out the Mammoth Lakes area you are in for a treat. Some of our local waters offer up some of the best trout fishing in the world.

From creek fishing to rivers, to lakeside or boating fun, the local area offers some of the most scenic and productive trout fishing in the USA.

This trout fishing section will help you discover some great fishing spots while you’re visiting the Eastern Sierra. There is great fishing from Big Pine to June Lake and these are the area we will focus on at

Eastern Sierra & Mammoth Lakes Fishing features DFG stocked Rainbows, Browns and Cut Throats, add in Alpers Trophy sized Rainbows and you are one cast away from the catch of a lifetime.

Want some ideas of were to fish?

Crowley Lake is a mecca for fishing here in the Eastern Sierra.  This body of water and it’s midge population, careful planning and stocking allow for trophy trout fishing. Some of the best in the west.

This DWP Reservoir offers boating and shore fishing. If you have an SUV you can get to many, many miles of shoreline from endless roads around the lake. 

Want more info?  Call the team that lives right on the lake at The Crowley Lake Fish Camp & Marina.

One thing you need to note is: Crowley will get blown out after lunch many Summer days. So go for sunrise fishing, when the wind is down.

From Opening Day 2008 through July 31 there is a Five Fish Limit with no size limitations. Aug.1 – Oct.31, it’s two per day, 18″ in length and only artificial lures with barbless hooks can be used.

The Mammoth Lakes Basin is, located up the Lake Mary Road and contains a handful of lakes you can drive to.  This area is a prime use area for Family Fun. Everything from Shore Fishing to Boating, Camping, Biking, Walking and Day hiking to over a dozen lakes. 

Drive to lakes are Lake George, Lake Mary, Twin Lakes, and Lake Mamie. Each of these bodies of waters if stocked often.

The Mammoth Lakes Basin is also home to two marinas and several national forest service campgrounds, and a general store. You can also get a cozy cabin at Tamarack Lodge or Crystal Crag Lodge.  Each Lake except George has boat rentals.  We are working on The Mammoth Lakes Basin Travel & Fishing Videos so you can see for yourself what to do in this area.

Mammoth Creek is sure to provide a great fishing excursion.  Make sure you check that the creek has been stocked.  This is a high traffic area and lots of city kids and locals love to fish here.  So if you want a playful setting get here early or head to The Lakes Basin.

Parking is great for this creek that is right in the heart of Mammoth Lakes.  Best bet is to park at Mammoth Creek Park at the end of Old Mammoth Road.  There are also lots of benches and restrooms in this area.

The Upper Owens River is an epic place to fish and camp.  Just 3 miles north of Crowley Lake Drive you will see the Green Church.  Turn right and head out about 3 miles and you will see the river and browns towns campground.  

Be careful regulations for fishing very all over the river.  The good news is if you slow down and read the signs by the creek you will not get a ticket.   

Convict Lake & Creek is home to some monster trout.  This lake is surrounded by massive peaks that will make you break out the camera. The lake is a very deep body of water that can produce some monsters.

The creek will provide you with hours of fun fishing for stockers. This area is also up for our team to cover later this season.

The June Lake Loop area is a great place for many day trips or a whole summer vacation of fishing fun.

Crowley Lake Map
Crowley Lake Map


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