Advertise Your Mammoth VRBO Listing To Our 650,000 readers

Welcome to our new lodging section here at We are looking for condo owners who want to get more bookings year round.

What we offer you is great place to advertise your condo listing to people in the Mammoth Snowman Community. We have over 650,000 readers here at the website and we have over 80,000 that like or follow our Facebook page.

The number one question we get here year round at is do you know of any good lodging options.

 What you get with a basic ad:

  • We create an ad from your VRBO listing and then link back to the listing.
  • The ad is then placed in our lodging section 
  • We advertise the lodging section on most of the pages at and at
  • We advertise on Facebook and Google AdWords
  • Our readership is 80% 35 years old and up.
  • More eyes seeing your unit = more repeat bookings

This is a sample of what your ad will look like on the lodging page.

Bonus: Have issues with setting up a process to deal with people renting your unit? Need a short term rental agreement? Want a detailed excel sheet to run a profit and loss sheet? Check out our bonus cheat sheet package below. 

When you roll with our advertising you will get the following bonus cheat sheets:
VRBO/Condo Rental Process
Booking Confirmation Email
Short Term Rental Agreement
(Sample) Rental Rules
Profit and Loss Worksheet Excel File

This cheat sheet package will help you streamline the process of your entire rental business. They were set up by a condo owner in town who rents out via VRBO. There is some real great info in these cheat sheets.

When you pay for an ad we will email you the free cheat sheet package within 24-48 hours. 

Questions so far? Call Steve Taylor the Snowman @ 760-709-1351


Costs – Advertising your VRBO listing

Condo Owner Basic Listing

$50 – Special for the first 10 to list, $35 a month with a $50 set-up fee = Month #1 $85 then $35 a month

Condo Basic $299 annual with $50 set-up fee = $354

Home Basic $50 a month with a $75 set-up fee

Annual Home Owner Listing $600 with no set-up fee.

Commercial Condo Project or Property Management

$350 a month 

If you do not have a VRBO listing we can create you a listing here at

Please call Steve Taylor the Snowman and leave a message that your interested at 760-709-1351 or reach out to me on Facebook.