Mammoth Mountain Snow Report
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Mammoth Mountain Ski Area Snow Report:

11-15-2019 2 PM It’s a warm fall day here at Main Lodge with highs in the low 50s. We have some high clouds and winds are light at this time. 

Snowmaking Update: Not much snowmaking taking place the last 10 days, yes they have made some snow, but the system has been off the last few nights. Nighttime lows have been just to warm for the snowmaking crews to fire the system up.

Looks like more of the same through Tuesday and then the snowmaking team will be working overtime with an excellent run starting next Wednesday before sunrise.

If the outlook for next week holds we could see 12-18+ hours of snowmaking continue for several days.

Mammoth Mountain Snow Report: No real change since my update on Wednesday. Grooming crews have been out nightly and you will find a mix of a firm to soft corduroy if you head out at 8:30 in the morning.

Snow conditions soften up in spots and also stay firm in others as the morning warms up. Typical man-made conditions, it’s fun to get those turns in but watch out for the rough and firm spots.  

There is a 12-18 inch base of man-made snow on Broadway, Silver Tip, Andy’s Double Gold and Rusty’s.  From here on out, the ski area will be open daily now from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, Chair 1 is open for access to skiing and snowboarding. 

Gondola 1 & 2 is open for scenic rides at this time, go check out the new 24-foot sign they put up a couple of weeks ago. (Expect Gondola 1 to be open for access to Broadway this weekend.)

Andy’s Double Gold
Snowman Kook
Upper Broadway
Middle Broadway
Lower Broadway

Some Images from the Big Winter of 2017

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