Mammoth Mountain Snow Report
from The Snowman - Since 2004

10-1-2019 Good Morning and welcome to October, there have been several years in Mammoth history that we got to ski during the calendar month.

In September we had several dustings of snow up on the hill, but nothing that is ridable at this point.

The Ski Area Opens (weather permitting) Saturday, November 9th, 2019 at 8:30 AM. 

A normal opener at Mammoth Mountain will have a few runs open with a small park set up for your early season enjoyment.

Some years we get early snowfall and a ton of cold air and that allows for more coverage and thus more runs to be open.

Just a couple years ago my first run of the season was off the top via Cornice Bowl, so you just never know how much will be open until just days before it happens.

After having my season end on June 3rd with a knee injury I am all healed up a ready to go for a new season.

lol Wish it was today I am so pumped to ski again and hang out with all my snow friends from around the country on Mammoth Mountain.

While I enjoy my biking in the offseason, I truly miss my daily encounters with all the Snowman fans.

Love the SNOWMAN call outs on the hill. You people are what this website is all about in the end. 

I hope you’re all starting your preseason skiing and snowboarding stretching and exercise programs, the new season will be here fast. 

What kind of winter will it be on Mammoth? That’s anybody’s guess at this point in the early Fall. 

Right now on our Mammoth Mountain Weather page, we will start to focus on the weather patterns over the next month and how they might set us up with or without cold air for late October Snowmaking. 

Been a long time since the ski area opened early from an October snowfall, we are due at some point for that to happen soon.

Remember back in 2004 they opened chair 1 on the 21st of October and back in 1994, they opened on October 8th and then closed in mid-August of 95.

I will see many of you on opening day, looking forward to capturing your smiling faces on videos and in photos. 

Snowman out!

Snowmaking will begin late in October if conditions are right.

The video below is a good representation of what an average opening day is like.

Some Images from the Big Winter of 2017

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