Mammoth Snowman Website Update & News

November 15th, 2021 @ 1 PM

WeatherGuy is back with his Powder Outlook posts on Tuesday and Fridays.

Snowman is also doing a Recreational Weather Forecast so you know what to expect each day from winds to temperatures to snowfall out on the Mountain and around the Eastern Sierra.

Video production is now up and in the next couple of weeks, I hope to add in Video Weather Reports.

Once that is all dialed back in and flowing the plan is to add in a live stream hang out sometime in December.

Many of you have signed up for the Snowman newsletter that never came out. That’s been fixed and you can expect the email newsletter to come out every Tuesday starting on November 17th. Just opt-out if you don’t want the emails. Sign Up for the Newsletter here.

At this time a Mobile App is also under construction and the basic version will be out in a few weeks. We will do a beta test drive for paid subscribers and donors when it first comes out and then opens it to the private Facebook group.

Ski ya later, Snowman out…

PS: If you like all the posts, photos, and videos here at the website please consider becoming a monthly subscriber to our website and the secret newsletter list.