We get asked about our web sites stats, so we have compiled this page to show you how may people check out our web sites and our social media pages. The numbers below are from the last 12 month’s. FYI a web site user is an IP address.

Text & Email Lists – We have signed up several thousand people for our Email Newsletter and our Text Alerts. Yes we have permission to text Mammoth’s frequent users now.

Mammoth Snowman Facebook Group Community 6500 and growing daily

Discover Mammoth Facebook Group 1900 and growing daily

Mammoth Snowman.com – 615,000 Web Site Users with over 2 million visits

DiscoverMammoth.com – 150,000 Web Site Users with over 875,338 visits

Mammoth Mountain Snowman on Facebook 40,000 fans 41,000 followers with a reach of 3.5 million so far in 2017

DiscoverMammoth on Facebook 9800 fans with a reach of 550,000

Video Report Views – Some of our videos reached over 50,000 views over the last 12 months. With one hitting the 2 million views mark. (See Attached)

Our Videos also play on TV news shows. Stations that carry our footage and promote our site are: KTLA in Los Angeles, along with CBS, FOX and ABC in Reno and through out Southern California.

The stats we like best is that year after year our Advertisers who tried our coupon and branding service out keep with us.