The website has grown a lot since I The Snowman (Steve Taylor) launched it in 2004.

My hope is to continue improving it and keep updating the content on a almost daily basis for the long haul, if I can.

Seeing the page visits from all of you, my users, motivates me to provide more for you. has always been free, and that is because I have always loved to inspire people to come to Mammoth more often.

Showing people what they are missing from my own perspective via the photos and videos has always been a joy.

The best part of what I do…every time I leave my home, I meet many of the people who have used this site to help plan out their trips to Mammoth and see what they might be missing.

It’s a ton of fun to hear the daily Snowman call outs and of course being on the hill every other day for some runs is a dream come true.

So all of that is the fun part, in the real business world as the site has grown along with the social media post’s and being active daily in our face book group, the time it takes has grown exponentially. 

Many of you have been so kind to donate to the page in the past, and it has helped immensely.

Now by becoming a monthly subscriber of our site we have provided a way for you to support / in a more persistent fashion.

At this point in time we are up to 27 subscribers with a goal to get to a 100 over the next month.

Bottom line is to continue to do what I do and grow a bit we will need help from our site users along with getting more support from local businesses.

It is not an existential necessity that you help, and I don’t expect anything, but your contributions here not only help pay the bills, but inspire and financially enable me to keep creating new content for you.

Every little bit helps, Thank you so much. – Steve Taylor the Snowman

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