What do people say about MammothSnowman.com?

I received over 500 emails last winter here are 23 of those emails.

“You have touched a lot of peoples lives and we are all better for it.” S Davis

“Please keep this web site up. In terms of is important to me, is the live factual info concerning skiing / weather conditions at Mammoth.” Jeff Dolan

“It is a pleasure to see your reports, to view through your eyes the life and the culture at Mammoth. Thanks for the wonderful times you have provided.” -Tom

“I use your site exclusively to obtain real-time weather conditions since the other well known National weather sites are useless basically because of their generalized reports. We make our family decisions on when to visit our condo in Mammoth based on your reports. You have been doing a great job, and you are responsible directly for increasing revenue flow into the City because decisions on visiting the area are based on your information. Thanks again for all of the hard work that you do.” Victor Horchar

“Hi Snowman, We have a condo in Mammoth and first saw your sticker on a car when we were talking one of our dogs to the vet. We had to check it and ever since then we check out your site for the up to date forecast plus we like your commentary.” Kymberly

“Your website’s great! My dad and I check it every day. Keep ripping!” James Solana Beach

“Steve I live down in San Diego and have a second vacation condo in Mammoth. I have seen you on the slopes and have shared a chair ride with you. You and your site are the life link and spirit of why we love the mountains and Mammoth in particular. I check your site almost daily, year round. Thanks for all you do and the time investment you have in your site.” Good on ya, bro. Kevin McCauley

“…….you make us feel like we’re there” Jeanne Fleming

“My son and I have visited Mammoth for the last 2 years. We live in upstate New York and love your snow reports. The video of the deep powder skiing is inspiring and my son loves the extreme stuff. I think you perform a very useful function for mammoth. We check out their site and then yours to get the personal side of skiing at Mammoth.” Michael Hoffman

“Snowman- Of all the pleasure, information, friendships that I have benefited by as a participant on the MM Forum, by far your videos & your honest assessment of conditions are probably by far the best benefit that I reaped, and I know for sure many feel the same way.” Ken Cantor

“Snowman, I am not a member of the forum, but check it and always check your website. I’m down in LA in an office most of the time, but have got in in 7 days this year and when I’m not up there I turn to your website for video, etc. In fact when my wife and her friend from work were talking about mammoth my wife’s friend mentioned the snowman cam that her fiancé watches and I couldn’t wait to meet this guy as my wife immediately told him that I also tune into the site. When we met on the slopes we both said “Snowman Out…” after talking about your site.” Michael McEvoy

“:) : hey snowman, i live in San Diego, but i cant tell you how much i love your website, definitely one of my favs. i really like your daily updates (makes me feel like I’m right there) and the video mixes are awesome. Please stick around for those of us far away and keep gettin us stoked on the snow!” Your friend, Ryan

“As I said on the Mammoth Mountain forums and you have since read your a true asset to Mammoth Mountain and were in fact a decision that I chose Mammoth over Tahoe for my last visit. The daily HONEST videos, the weather forecasts and the chair lift videos are all sensational to say the least. All the best buddy and I hope all is well with you and your family. AndDee from Australia here!”

“I love this site! The best action vid’s I’ve ever seen. Informative, reliable and easy. Snowman, i visit your site at least 2 times a day. Your accumulation cam and daily reports are the only ones that a really believe because you say it straight and true. It would be a shame for all of us who are dedicated to your site to have to go to a less-reputable source for our information. I think that what you do for all Eastern Sierra enthusiasts is amazing and something that I, nor many others could do without. ” Robert Easley

“Mr. and Mrs. Snowman, I live in San Diego and I rely on your accurate and up-to-the-minute reporting so that I can plan my 400 mile runs to Mammoth Mountain. Your site is full to overflowing with useful information for both Mammoth and June Mountains and the town of Mammoth Lakes. On top of all of the above, your site is loaded with soul, stoke and good karma! Best regards,” Robin surfer/skier

“Snowman, I wake up every morning checking your site. Dreaming about the mammoth area. You guys keep us down here in So-cal informed about what is going on at our favorite place. We love it!!!!!!!!” Brian Miller

“hola snowman! my husband and i love your website. we look forward to the videos and music. we live in Bakersfield so we are always checking out your snow stoke!” Heather Keith

“I am from L.A and growing up I used to board Bear & Summit. About 3 years ago my wife and I started going to Mammoth and have now been season pass holder for the past 3 years. I now consider Mammoth my home away form home. I found about your site last year and love it! Not just for the great info, reports and videos but for the pure stoke and joy for the mountain and outdoors that comes through your voice. Even when I am not there to catch it on the epic days…I get enjoyment out of going to your site. Whatever you decide to do I wish you the best but please know that you have a gift and there are many people out there like me who feel better hearing your stoke & positivity come through their computer screen!” Best, Matt

“Oh my GOD! I just found your website this season and have counted on it more than the resort site to give “a more accurate” forecast on snow conditions, weather and happenings.” Sincerely, Alicia Puente

“Hey Snowman… Just wanted to chime in on this. I visit your website every morning like clockwork to see what I am missing and what I can expect up at Mammoth for my next trip. Your weather forecasting together with live, real time videos are literally the only reliable source that I have found to truly see what is going on up there on the mountain. I love it, and it would be a real shame if you had to shut it down. Let all of us know what you need – maybe more sponsors, etc., and I’ll bet that the pool of people that tune into this website could help out!!! Best of luck, and hope that you keep on posting!!” Scott Albrecht

“Love the local knowledge. Since I only get to ski the weekends, it is great for this aging sea level desk jockey to see what is happening on the hill Monday through Friday. Instead of a coffee break, I take a daily Snowman break and enjoy the video. I’ve been making ski videos since the early 90s and have a lot of fun seeing your work. Keep up the good work and figure out a way to keep it going. Regards.” Mitch

“We absolutely love your site and we wake up to it every morning. We are retired, use to own SKI SURF SHOP in Manhattan Beach for 40 years. We now live in our home in Mammoth and also near our boat in Redondo Beach. We rely on your report every day. Your weather reports tell us how to dress to ski and your friendly video tell us what if going on in Mammoth. Wish we saw friends on video sometime…that would be fun. It will be a real loss if you close down. The Mtn. site is no competition for you and we hardly ever use it. Please don’t leave!!!” Richard and Victoria Mobley

“I enjoy your site very much. I am not a skier but your site and the web cams on the Mountain site help me keep in touch with the area. I grew up spending many summers fishing and hiking in the Mammoth/June area. I still take my family fishing every other year and we stay at the Fireside. I enjoy your fishing reports.” Best wishes, Don Lasater