The Broadway Express (Chair 1) Replacement Project 2024

6-8-2024 Update – The second replacement of the original chair one at Mammoth Mountain is taking place this Summer and Fall of 2024.

The last day of operations on this Yan Chair lift, installed during the off-season of 1989, was April 14th. The next day, the entire base around chair one was cleared of snow, and construction started six days a week.

Below, I will post fresh photos every couple of weeks so you can see how the project progresses until opening day. I have shots from the bottom, top, and middle sections too.

I am light on photos of the old chair being taken in town. If you have any photos or video clips of that part of the project, please email them to us at That is if you are okay with them being added to this page. Yes, we will also credit you for the photos you send in.

Thanks so much! – Snowman

Chair 1 Replacement Project - June 5th, 2024