Mammoth Mountain is one massive mountain.  That’s why its named Mammoth… when you come here to play the opportunities are just about endless.

With it’s 3100 vertical feet of skiing and snow boarding much of it above tree line and a high base lodge at 9000 feet you are going to get some great snow and the best snow pack in the west.

In the late 40s Dave McCoy had a vision and dream and today Mammoth Mountain Ski Area is one of the worlds best ski and snowboard areas.

It was a big dream that know one else wanted to tackle.  So Dave along with his crew and investors went to work one day at a time on Mammoth Mountain.

50 years later we have been left with a Mecca of a ski and snowboard area.

Mammoth Mountain Ski Area has everything from above tree line bowls, to endless groomed run, unbound parks, tree lined powder runs, powder, the wind buff machine, groomed packed powder and come spring the perfect corn snow to ride on.

Mammoth Mountain Ski Area tops out at an elevation of 11,053 Feet

The snow season runs from late October/ early November through May and can run all the way to July 4th on some of the bigger snow years.  One year they ran from October 8th – August 16th. In 2017 the ski area went all the way to August 6th, even with a very warm summer on hand.

Mammoth snow pack is one of the more consistent world wide. With a 9000 foot mid mountain base center the Main Lodge can offer skiing from Halloween to July 4th.

Funny how people say it never rains or snows in California. Mammoths Snowfalls can range from an average of around 350 inches at the 8000 foot level to well over 500 inches up at 11,053 feet.   In big snow years we can almost double those numbers.

The Weather here in Mammoth during the winter is about 70% sunny … with that said we can get some 3 week storm cycles that offer up day after day of powder skiing. We can also get 3 weeks with just a couple storms here and there.

The Lifts
Mammoths lift system offers up 23 chairs, 3 gondolas, three pomas and several magic carpets. The lift system is always listed in the top ten in the world in polls taken by magazines and online web sites.

Mammoth Mountain features everything from high speed to fixed grips lifts.

Chair 22 and 23 are fixed grips, but only take a couple more minuets allowing your body to recover from the extreme steeps you just tackled.

During Holidays beware… ride early to avoid the crowds and ride lifts 23 and 14 to avoid the biggest nightmares.

The Runs
Everything from first time beginners runs, to miles of groomers for intermediates to advanced and expert terrain.  Mammoth offers it all on a daily basis.  When a storm rolls in and the top shuts down you still have access to the steeps off chair 22.  No need to be skiing with out the aid of tress for viability.

Beginners should go to Main Lodge or Canyon Lodge, these are the best place’s to learn. Little Eagle can also get you up on your first day with 2 pomas and two magic carpets.

Dave MC Coy invented modern grooming standards right here at Mammoth Mountain. Today Mammoths fleet of over 30 Snow Grooming Machine is one of the largest to run on a nightly basis during the long 7 month season. The fleet goes out and grooms around 800-1000 acres of snow on a nightly basis. On weekends that adds up to around 110 runs during the peak of the season.

As you progress from intermediate groomer runs you can move to the advanced runs on chair 3 and 5 and then on up to cornice run off the top of Mammoth Mountain. Cornice and then Scotties are the runs advanced skiers and riders want to master first. Dave’s is also a good choice.

Free skiing and boarding, cliff hucking, powder, trees, chutes, cliff bands. It’s all here for the expert skier and riders. Chairs 9, 14, 22, 23, 25 and Gondola 2 are your playground featuring over 2000 acres of sick terrain.

There is so much to discover up on mammoth mountain. Take a look through our web site for images, video adventures, weather and condition / recreation blogs.

We will see you out on Mammoth Mountain.

Snowman out…

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