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8-14-18 – 7 AM Good morning it’s a beautiful Monday here in Mammoth. No smoke in the area at all today with an NE wind at the upper elevations.

Expect to see a very good chance of T Storms today, yesterday Snowman received a half inch of rain in about 45 mins. Things cooled off fast with that heavy rain.

The Lion Fire is about 8 miles from Mammoth and is at 70% containment. Day to day smoke goes from moderate to light and now no smoke.

The Weather Outlook: There is a chance of Thunderstorms in the area today with some heavy rain possible under build ups.

Chance’s this week are at 50% Tuesday with a slight chance on Wednesday and then dry Thursday into the weekend.

Highs will be in the 70’s up at Main Lodge and in the Mammoth Lakes Basin, with nighttime low’s down into the upper 40’s to low 50’s.

Down in town high’s are heading up into the upper 70s to 80s the next few days with lows in the mid-50’s at night. By the weekend we will be back into the upper 70’s with lows in the mid-40s.

Winds will be light 5-15 MPH out of the NE shifting to the SW later today, that will help keep excess smoke out of the area. Yahoo

Pray for some rain to work it’s way up here sooner than later.

Long Range looking at what we could see this Winter it appears at this time (and I am sure it will change) that we might be heading into a weak El Nino with warm water in the central-Pacific.

That is not good for big snowfalls in Mammoth, we need to see that warm water closer to the coast and get it the strength to be in moderate range for a big winter.

We will keep an eye on how this all sets up in the next 60 days. Models can struggle with how much water warn builds and at what strength and at what location. Just to note we do not need a big winter to have fun on Mammoth Mountain.

Whatever happens, I predict people will have a great time this upcoming winter. For now, enjoy summer!

Countdown to Winter 2018-2019, 86 days to go until the scheduled opener at Mammoth Mountain

Snowman Out….

Clear Ble Skies over Mammoth Mountain 

The Mammoth Mountain Bike Park is 100% open now. Current Conditions are a mix of dusty to very dusty trails.

Trail crews are doing a great jump of keeping the hill in great shape. Come on up for some great downhill action or a fun cross-country ride. Also to note that the Friday Downhill Races Series is happening every Friday at 5 PM, call the bike park for more information.

New this year they allow e-bikes out on the trails. If you struggle to ride at this high altitude an e-bike is the bomb.

You can rent an e-bike at Footloose Sports, they are right at the corner of Main and Old Mammoth road when you come into town.

Beyond the Bike Park, Mammoth Mountain has a cool adventure center for Families right at the base of Main Lodge. There is also a shuttle at Main that will take you down to Reds Meadow and back to Main at the end of the day.

Last but not least check out a scenic Gondola Ride to the top, if you have an Ikon Pass you get to ride up FREE.

Hiking is now wide open, trails in the Lakes Basin are in great shape with most of the snow gone now. If you’re hiking my advice is to start out early when it’s cool and at that time you will find fewer people in the trails.

As for Mountain Biking out of the bike park, all the USFS trails are now open. If you’re riding downhill on the Mammoth Rocks trail BEWARE of horses and lots of hikers.

If you need to rent a downhill or e-bike or have you’re biked worked on Footloose Sports is the spot right when you hit town.

Fishing season is going off with some great fish coming out of Crowley, the Owens River and Twin Lakes in the Mammoth Lakes Basin. 

The town’s paved trail system is all open, try taking your bike on the trolley get off at horseshoe lake and ride back all the way to the Village on mostly flat and downhill terrain.

Camping is now wide open with just Devil Post Pile campground closed.

Summer Improvements: Canyon Lodge is getting a major remake with lots of work taking place this Summer. We are told this will take 2-3 years to complete and when they are done Canyon will have a whole new look.

Besides the Lodge, Chair 16 is going to be replaced and realigned to unload near the top of chair 4. The new lift will be a 6 pack for weekend and holiday relief.

Up at Main, they added in some fun stuff at the adventure center. The biggest add-on is the Mammoth Zip Line that goes from the top all the way down to Main Lodge. That project will not be finished until September.

If you’re on Facebook and have questions about Mammoth join my private group, over 9000 people are there to help you plan your next trip up to Mammoth Lakes.

Snowman out…

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