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December 11th, 2017 @ 7:30 AM – Once again we have clear sky’s over Mammoth Mountain. The snow is staying in great shape. 

At this time we have a base of 20-60 inches, there are now 80+ named runs opened, watch for obstacles as it’s still early season and what we call low tide. 

Lifts running this week (weather permitting) are Chairs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 23 and G1 and G2. Lift’s expected to open on Wednesday are 8, 15, 16, and 17. More lifts are expected to open next Saturday.

The weather for the next 10 days or longer will offer up clear blue sky’s with highs into the mid to upper 40’s and lows in the 20’s in lower elevation with lows in the 30’s in the upper elevation due to the inversion we now have in place. 

The wind forecast is calling for light winds at times 5-15 MPH out of the NE this week. No wind buff events in the forecast for this week at this time.

Here is the link to the Mammoth Weather Guys Powder Forecast & Technical Discussion, that is posted Tuesday and Fridays at 5pm. 

Mammoth Snowman Snow Stoke and Snowman Report Video – Fresh Report by 6PM Today

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Surface conditions out on the hill are mixed now, with the groomers being a nice packed powder on a firmer but carvable base. Off the groomed we have a firm wind buff with area’s of softer snow on top and then other spots are just plain old hard pack from all the wind last week.

Over all conditions are great on all the open groomers and good on the face’s of chairs 3 and 5. Do watch for rocks and stumps still sticking out on both faces.

Up Top on the Drop Outs and Scotties the warm-up this weekend let the snow loosen up from frozen solid hard pack back to a nice wind buff surface in spots. 🙂 

Cornice is now back to getting groomed and that process has taken out the sheet of ice that was the first 100 yards of the run. It’s best first thing when it’s all fresh and groomed.

FYI: Flaskman will be helping out on some of the day’s Snowman can not hit the hill this year. He sent over these images to me late last night of the Drop Outs and Cornice. Please note you enter the Drop Outs from Cornice and Sunshine. 

Cornice Bowl The Drop Out’s

Snowman’s on hill detailed report from late last week: Day 16 is in the bag and the snow is fun on what’s open. Everyone out on the hill is stoked with big smiles on their faces. Not many people here at this time, perfect time of year to get back in ski and snowboard shape.

Chair 1 Main Lodge Area
The groomers are skiing and riding GREAT. 🙂

All the runs in this area have great coverage. The snow is getting groomed nightly making the surface a perfect corduroy dream. The base in this area has firmed up, but it’s still carvable and just soft enough to be close to perfect.

Chair 3
Center Bowl is getting groomed nightly and is in great shape. The snow base in here is getting a bit firm from all the east winds we have been having. Ski Patrol has the hard fast snow signs up at the top of 3. Still Center Bowl is hanging in there, my advice is take a few laps on it at about 10am.

Off the groomed such as West Bowl and China Bowl, there is wind packed snow with a carvable surface. There are also a fair amount of bumps from a lot of skier traffic since the last powder day.

China Bowl has not been groomed in over a week so those bumps are starting to get bigger then we normally see.

Saddle Bowl is about as good as it gets and when you link it up with World Cup or Gremlins Gulch to St Anton you get about 1600+ vert of groomed bliss.

Chair 2 and the Mill
Stump Alley, Patrolmen’s and Mambo are all in mid winter condition. The base in here as also firmed a bit but it’s to the point that the groomed snow is perfect.

The Unbound
The crew has been blowing tons of snow in here to start build some big hits and the slope style course. They have also blown a massive amount of snow so they can start building out he half pipe.

While you wait they have a big hit set up in main park and of course all sorts of fun features you can spend all day on. Snowman will get some images of all the unbound activity next time he is out.

Chair 4
Is in great shape with a decent base of 2-3 feet and packed powder groomers. Coverage is great over here and the fresh groomed snow as been lasting until noon. They are also starting to set up south park, it should be open for the Holidays starting December 16th.

Chair 5
Solitude been grooming out to some very fun carvable snow. Beware of the tiny floaters at the top to the skiers left. This is a great run to hit early in the am, the top half is in total sun with enough light on the lower half that you can see what you are turning on.

Sanctuary has a good start to the base, but it’s still low tide. The snow has also firmed up considerably so take that into account before jumping in. There are still some fun turns to be had, try the chair line and the main bowl for some good snow.

Upper Dry Creek has some fun turns, but in the middle it’s tight with rocks, so now new gear on this run.

Waterfall needs a good 2-3 foot dumper to jump into so we will wait for that to happen.

Is getting groomed each night, however they are not grooming any runs that link to it. This run is best when they groom out the China Bowl link.

Chair 12 is offering up endless groomers that have been lasting all day long.

Chairs 13 and 14 are open but Snowman has not been over to check it out yet.

The Lincoln Mtn hike is open with some fun wind pack in Avy 2. There is some ok coverage on the face of 22, but have not skied it this week so no real idea how it is. 

Canyon Lodge will open on Wednesday as will Little Eagle Lodge. These areas have picked up snow this fall but not enough to ski on so snow making crews have moved in and saved the day.

Last week they blew 24 hours a day and then it warmed up this weekend so they are making snow at night on the lower runs that have all that cold air with the inversion we have in place.

Not sure how the snow will be down to Eagle, of course I will check it out Wednesday when they open. The runs at Canyon will be in great shape, at this point they are groomed for the most part ready to go. 

Over at Chair 9 the steep sections like the Tail, Wazzo and the head chutes all need more snow. The groomers look to be in great shape from the photos we have gotten.  

If you’re thinking about getting some turns in it’s worth it to make a pre Holiday trip to Mammoth Mountain. Game ON and the slopes have almost no one on them. 

Snowman out… 

Photo Snow Report 12-5-2017 by The Snowman – click any image to open the full size viewer

Chair 2 and Stump AlleyLincoln Mountain – Chair 22Snowmaking at Canyon Lodge – Chair 16Top of Solitude off of Chair 5Riding up chair 5 looking at Sanctuary and Triangle. Climax and G2 in the back ground. Lower SolitudeBroadway and Chair 6 Riding up Chair 1  Unbound SnowmakingCritters off of Chair 12View towards Main Lodge from the top of Chair 12Snowmaking in the Unbound – Top of Chair 12 Center Bowl – Groomed out and FunCornice & Wipe Outs – Chair 23The WallRiding up Chair 2 Dave’s got stripped down to the hard ice pack form 130 MPH NE winds Climax is having a hard time holding snow with last season ice base that is left. Add in the wind and o boy. 


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