Mammoth Snowman Accumulation Webcam – 8200 Feet

12-27-22 – Still working on getting the HD webcam to run, for now, the nest cam is up and going. If you get a dark screen there are too many viewers.

11-16-2022 – Welcome to the Mammoth Snowman Accumulation Webcam.

Right now there is just a small window nest webcam running at this location. 

A couple of weeks ago we installed a 12-foot snow pole and a brand new high-end 4k IP webcam that will live stream in 1080P.

Going to take about another week to work out the technical side and server hookup. Once the cam is hooked into the server and streaming we will post it here for all to see.

This new IP Webcam will hook right into my new Webcam server and offer unlimited streaming for our website users.

Our whole setup is all hard-wired and runs thru a high-end Motorola Modem.

The next step in this plan will be to install some flood lights that will be on at night during snow storms.

The floodlights will be dependent on raising funds for the parts needed and for the labor cost of an electrician who will come out and install them.

The location of this webcam is at the 8200-foot level just below Canyon Lodge.

Snowman Out 🙂

PS – The webcam is installed at Fast Ski Sports (thanks Martin)… and next is Mammoth Business Essentials. Both will be streaming in the next few weeks, yahoo. Better late than never!

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