This coupon has run nonstop for over 9 years!

11-7-2018 – Is your current advertising for your Mammoth Lakes business currently reaching people at their home’s or on their mobile phones while they are checking out current conditions and or planning their next trip to Mammoth Lakes?

My name is Steve Taylor the Mammoth Snowman and for over 10 years I have been working with locals ski shops and businesses in town driving more customers into their front doors. 

What would it mean to you if we could drive more trackable customers into your business? Imagine advertising that you can see the results from.

How we do it is simple, businesses are running a coupon or branding ad to our community of internet users who check out our content and information at, and on our Facebook pages and groups.

There are over 250,000 Mammoth Traveler’s that log in multiple times a year to check weather and conditions before they come up. We also have a Facebook page with over 41,000 fans and a private Facebook group of over 10,000.  What this means to you is you can tap into my group of second homeowners, season pass holder and people who come to Mammoth frequently.

If you’re one of our coupon/branding advertisers you will get the benefit of more traffic coming into your place of business.

Does this really work, just ask Tony over at Footloose Sports who runs coupons and discounts year round with us. He first heard about our personal referral marketing program 10 years ago. On top of our ads, we also offer local digital marketing services. We make internet marketing simple so you can forget about it and take care of your business. 

What would it mean to you to get an additional 20-30+ new customers a month?

Advertising Information

Intro we have several options when I come to advertising at and 

Option #1 – Coupons & Branding Customer Generation System – Place your Coupon or Branding Banner into our system and you’re going to see new faces coming into your business on a year-round basis.

If you go with a coupon you can make it unlimited or restricted with our coupon bot software. With option one, you get your banner into our rotating sidebar for the desktop. This sidebar has a banner that rotates near the top of the page and then lower down your art will always appear in one of the positions.

Further down the page is what we call our coupon block. On Mobile Smart Phone’s the sidebar move to the bottom of the page and the coupon box is the prominent display.

We also have a coupon page at that ranks at the top of Google search if people are looking for local discounts.

Last but not least we post the coupons as Facebook allows into our social media communities. Monthly cost is $399


Coupon Block at the bottom of our home pages.

Here is what you get in our Basic Coupon / Branding Program

#1 We Help You Create a Coupon or Branding Banner or Special Offer 
#2 We Have our Graphic Design Artist Create Your Art Work 
#3 We Place Your Banner in Side Bar Rotations at MammothSnowman & DiscoverMammoth
#4 Coupon/Branding Banner in Advertiser Blocks at MammothSnowman & DiscoverMammoth
#5 Coupon/Offer on Coupon and Deal Pages at MammothSnowman & DiscoverMammoth
#6 Monthly Facebook Post of your coupon or brand to our 50,000 fans, 40,000 followers, and our 8000 group members
#7 Your own Business Page with your coupon or offer and our personal referral review of your business @ or

Here is a link to the Coupon Page that ranks in Google that your coupon or offer will be placed on.

Here is a sample of a personal referral web page we built on our site for Footloose Sports.


Option #2 – The Top Banner Spot Sponsor – At the top of each home page we have a coupon spot that we are offering up this year on an exclusive basis. This ad spot get’s the most eyeballs on it of any ad on our website. You can see the top banner spot in image one above. Retail price on this banner is $399 a month.


Option #3 – Main Home Page Banner

This is our Main Home Page Banner and it lies just above the fold and right below the Main content people come to view.  Retail price on this banner is $399 a month

Option #4 – Mammoth Weather Page’s Sponsor – This is a new ad spot for 2018, about 1/3 of our website traffic hits the Weather Guy Forecast page and our Snowman Weather Page.  In this offer, you get a full-size main banner at the top of the two pages. Retail Price is $399.00 and is billed on a monthly subscription.


Call Steve Taylor today to get started or to get your questions answered. 760-709-1351