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Mammoth SnowmanHello, my name is Steve Taylor, thanks for stopping by our Advertising section here at

Do you ever wish you could find an advertising program that actually delivered new and repeat customers? An ad campaign that is effective and has trackable results?

Are you losing sleep or going insane at the thought of how much money you’re wasting on ads that are not effective? Ads that are not driving any new business in the front door?

The simple solution is to run some of your advertising dollars at a Unique Community of Mammoth Lakes Travelers.

A community that has a history supporting the ads they see for Mammoth Lakes businesses.

The Mammoth Snowman has a large community of travelers who follow his daily updates, photos, and video content. They are all eager to support the local businesses that advertise within our community.

What would it mean to you if you could have trackable advertising the brings new & repeat customers into your business?

When You Advertise Your Business With Us You Will:

  • Reach people online who are checking out the Current Conditions on Mammoth Mountain
  • Reach people who are online Planning their next trip to Mammoth Lakes
  • Have an Ad Program that is Effective and Trackable
  • Get more Customers and Cash Flow


Our Community of Website and Social Media Users are made up of a mix of hardcore Mammoth Lakes Travelers, Second Home Owners, Crash Pad Owners, Google Searchers, and of course lots of ikon Season Pass Holders.

Some of our Numbers:
Facebook Pages – 53,000+ Fans
Private Facebook Groups – 15,000+ Members
Facebook Reach Monthly – 250,000+
Yearly Unique Website Users – 250,000+

Demographics by Gender 55% Male 45% Female
Demographic by Location, 70% California
Demographics by Age, 35-45 Average User with Kids and a Home Owner

How do you like are reach on Facebook…?

Does this really work?

Just ask these businesses…  Footloose Sports, Ikon Pass, K2, The Westin, Black Tie Ski Rental, Fast Ski Sports, PM Gear, Fort Independence, Mammoth Mountain, The Whitebark Restaurant, Mammoth Chiropractic & The Ski Renter

Ask Andrea the former owner over at Footloose Sports

Footloose Sports - Got Ski Boot Pain?
Footloose Sports – Got Ski Boot Pain?
Footloose Sports Free Hot Wax
Footloose Sports Free Hot Wax


The Whitebark Restaurant

Jeff Guillory was in Marketing over at the Westin and he called us to run an ad coupon for the the Whitebark Restaurant.

The coupon we ran for the restaurant had to be turned into a mid-week only deal during the Winters it was so successful.

During the other seasons of the year, the coupon ad helped them fill in empty seats 7 nights a week.

Both this coupon ran for 3 1/2 years until Jeff moved out of town and the Westin was sold.

Sample Coupon Ad
Sample Coupon Ad


Fast Ski Sports

Stu is the manager over at Fast Ski Sports, he left us a couple of reviews over the last year.

Matt and Stu have their Secure Your Gear ad running with us and they also had us redo their website and internet presence last Fall.

There secure your gear coupons won them a Best of Mammoth Award for Ski Rentals in 2019.

For 2021 they jumped on the Free Hot Wax Coupon and got a ton of walk in business.

Secure Your Gear Ski Rentals
Secure Your Gear Ski Rentals

Fast Ski Sports Review if the Snowman Ad

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Examples of Successful Ads

For More Information and a Current Rate Card – Please Call Steve Taylor at 760-709-1351