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Hello, my name is Steve Taylor the Snowman. I have been working with other businesses in town, helping them use Personal referral marketing to capture a more significant portion of the people visiting the area.

Footloose Sports and Black Tie Ski Rentals have been with us for over a decade, getting results (more new and repeat customers).

If you’re interested in Reaching 300,000+ Ideal Prospects at Home or on their smartphones and getting the same results, consider taking a specially-priced test drive with us.


Who are our Website, Newsletter, and Social Media Readers? Ikon Pass Holders, Second Home Owners, and frequent Mammoth Travelers make up most people reading our content.

Our Main Readership is 30-60 years old with a family that skis, snowboards, and recreates in the Mammoth Lakes and the Bishop area year-round. Income demographics are on the moderate to high end.

Community Stats

Mammoth Snowman is much more than a website; We are a Community of People who Interact Online Daily, Talking about Mammoth Mountain, Mammoth Lakes, and the Eastern Sierra.

Yearly Website Readers 250,000+ Unique IP Addresses
Facebook Reach Monthly Reach 100,000 – 500,000
Facebook Page 41,985 People Likes & 43,112 People Followers
Active Private Facebook Group 17,000+
Newsletter Open Rates at 125% – They get shared
Most Videos Get First 48 Hour Views of 2,500 – 5,000
Our Top Video had over 1.3 Million Views
*During Big Snowfall Years, These Numbers Will Grow Exponentially

Brands that Advertise in 2023-2024

Footloose Sports, Black Tie Ski Rentals, Ikon Pass, Fast Ski Sports, Fort Independence, K2 Skis, Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, Black Tie Adventure Summer Rentals, and the North Face. All of these Advertisers have been with us for over 10 Years.


Advertising Options

Restaurant & Coffee Coop
The coop will allow up to 10 Mammoth Lakes & Bishop Businesses to run a special offer on our websites. In addition to the Ad Coop on our two websites, we also advertise the Coop via Facebook Location Ads and Google Search Ads. That way we reach people planing their trips (Google Search) and people while they are IN TOWN (Facebook Location Ad).
Monthly Price $225

Side Banner & Footer Banner Ad
300 x 250 Clickable Coupon or Branding Banner
Art Work Done For You
Monthly Social Mentions
Monthly Newsletter
Monthly Price $399.00

Main Banner Home with Side Bar & Footer
350 x 250 Banner at the Start of the Main Content
Clickable Coupon or Branding Banner
Art Work Done For You
Quarterly Social Mentions
Monthly Newsletter
Monthly Price $750.00

Home Page Large Banner at the Fold
798 x 98 Banner at Start of Content
Clickable Coupon or Branding Banner
Art Work Done For You
Quarterly Social Mentions
Monthly Newsletter
Monthly Price $899.00

Video Sponsor Evergreen
**Evergreen Ad is Permanent On Videos and Descriptions
Full Banner Below Video 798 x 90
Text Ad with Link – Evergreen
Text Ad in YouTube Description- Evergreen
Text Ad in Facebook Description – Evergreen
Monthly Price $1000.00


Frequently Asked Questions

How Long has the Website Mammoth Snowman been up? – Since the Fall of 2004

What is Personal Referral Marketing or PRM? – PRM is known today as Influencer Marketing.

An example is When people post a positive comment about a location or product on their social media app, their friends get a personal referral. Many of those friends will be influenced to buy based on their friends’ positive posts.

Most of our website & social users have known Snowman for 10-20 years. They trust his local business referrals and the offers and coupons he posts.

What is The 70% Travel Rule? – That’s the percentage of people that have their trips all planned out before they leave home.

Everything they plan to do, where to stay, and what businesses they plan to shop at. If you’re not placing ads in front of these people, you’re missing out on many people coming into Mammoth Lakes.

How does your pricing compare to Google Adwords and Facebook advertising? – If you’re using Google, your goal is to click on your website. When you advertise with us, the goal is to get people in the door with a killer offer.

If you’re target marketing with Facebook, you can expect to spend 1,500 a month and many hours managing the campaign.

Using our Website and Social Media reach, you will spend 30% – 50% less on your marketing with no time managing the ad platform.

What’s A Killer Offer? – That’s when you offer a great perceived discount or solve a potential customer’s problem.

Some example offers: We did a “20% off mid-week on food & drinks” at the White Bark for several years, which used to be seven days but was too successful on weekends.

Here is a perfect example of a Branding Killer Offer Ad that works excellent: “Got Boot Pain? Click Here to Fix It! The user clicks on the ad and goes over Snowman’s story of foot pain and getting it fixed at Footloose. In this case, the branding ad is solving a problem and offering up a personal referral on steroids.

Is there a Yearly Contract? Just the initial 90 commitment when you start, and then this is a month-to-month agreement. You can save by pre-paying an annual contract and get one month FREE.

Are your Prices Negotiable? We are running a tight ship here and have extremely limited advertising space. The rates we charge are standard in the industry for the traffic we get and the age and trust of our total audience.

A bit more about Mammoth Snowman: The website has been around since November 10, 2004.

We are one of the longest-running blogs on the internet and unique in that no other sites or communities like ours exist in the resort sector.

Readers get information on Local Conditions, What to Do, Fresh Photos, Video Reports, and Reliable Weather and powder Forecasts.

Our readers love to utilize businesses that support our efforts; over the years, the best support has always come from coupons and special offers.

**Footnote: When you run an ad with us, the goal is to drive business in the front door, not to your website.

Steve Taylor, the Mammoth Mountain Snowman – 760-709-1351 – You can also email us at, and we will call you back. 

Fast Ski Sports Review if the Snowman Ad

For More Information and a Current Rate Card

Please Call Steve Taylor at 760-709-1351 or Email

Learn The 70% Travel Rule

Not sure if you know this, but our travel research shows that over 70% of the people planning their trips to Mammoth Lakes have Their Entire Trip Planned Out Before They Leave Home.

If your current advertising is not reaching these travelers at home you’re losing out on a ton of potential income from new and repeat customers.

For those running a local newspaper, card deck, or radio ads you’re not reaching your ideal prospect during their trip planning stages or when they are checking current conditions.

Again think about this, the majority of people planning their trips to town have everything they are going to do all planned out ahead of time.

To solve this problem you need to reach your ideal prospect right at home or on their smartphones before they head to Mammoth.

The simplest and most affordable way to do that is to run an advertisement at

You will find that the Mammoth Snowman Website and Social Media Networks have a reach of over 300,000+ IP addresses every month.

The key here is that many of these people are Your Ideal Prospects.

Again if the marketing you’re doing is not reaching people before they travel to town, then you’re simply missing out on lots of customers and cash flow.

For More Information and a Current Rate Card

Please Call, Text or Email Steve Taylor at 760-709-1351 or