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Crystal Lake

Footloose Sports Bike Shop - 760-934-24007-9-2020 – 10:18 AM Good Thursday morning from the Eastern Sierra and the Mammoth Mountain area.

Now is your chance to see a very rare sight here in the Eastern Sierra or perhaps from your home. I saw the Comet Neowise this morning at 4:25 AM, it was awesome, if you’re going to check it out I would go outside and look towards the NE skies a bit above the horizon at 4 AM. 

I found the comet by looking at Venus to the east and turning to the left, it was at about the same height as Venus. It’s been since 1998 when I last saw a comet that bright and with a long tail.

This is a not to miss show folks if you’re up in Mammoth Lakes the view of the Comet would be amazing from the Minaret Vista a couple of miles past the main lodge. 

Weather for Mammoth Lakes and the Eastern Sierra is going to go from warm to HOT in the lower elevations over the next 5 days. Today expect highs at Main Lodge and up in the Mammoth Lakes Basin to be in the low 70s with overnight lows in the 40s.

Down in town, it will be in the upper 70’s with overnight lows in the 40s. Down in Crowley Lake, they will see the mid-80s today with mid-90s in Bishop.

Excessive Heat Warnings are posted now for Bishop and the Owens Valley next Sunday into Monday. To get the details of our local weather and my detailed summary with images check out our Mammoth Weather section at this link.

Update on Roads: Highway 395 is now closed into Nevada from a large fire that is on both sides of the road north of the border with California, smoke from this fire is also dense and very thick. Traveling north on 395 at this time is not recommended into Carson City and Reno.

All other roads in the area are open with restrictions into Reds Meadow and into Yosemite via Tioga Pass. Reds Meadows is open to public traffic until the valley below fills up, there is NO bus service this year so get to the gate early if you want to hike out of the Reds Meadow area. 

Photo by Abe Kislevitz
Photo by Abe Kislevitz

7-3-2020 – Mammoth Lakes & Bishop California Recreation News

Camping is now allowed at private RV sites in both Mammoth and Bishop. USFS Campgrounds open, Sherwin Creek, New Shady Rest, and Old Shady Rest Campgrounds in Mammoth Lakes. More Camping is opening in the Mammoth Lakes Basin on the 26th of June. Campgrounds in June Lake are also open, but you need a reservation to be sure to have a spot. 

Line St Hwy 168 is open up into the Bishop Creek area and you can get up to Sabrina and North Lake at this time. The South Lake road has construction going so locals are avoiding that area. Campgrounds are open in the area but are full every time I drive by. 

Mountain Bike Season is now in full swing with the Mammoth Bike Park open. All trails are open and are in great shape on the hill and out in the Into National Forest. 

It’s very dry in the area so you can expect some fine dust on the trails in the bike park. Locals tip, clean that fine dust of your bike after every ride. If you want more information on Mountain Biking check out my Eastern Sierra Mountain Bike Report.

If you’re in need of Biking Gear and or a Bike Tune the Footloose Bike Shop is Open. They also have Bike Rentals and their Discount Tuesday Deal is also going now. Call them at 760-934-2400 for the details.

Scenic Gondola Rides are open for the Summer, take a ride to the top of Mammoth Mountain and check out the view from 11,053 feet.

Hiking Trails with road access into the Mammoth Lakes Basin you will be able to easily get to all the trails that you love. They are all melted out now and ready to go for your Summer enjoyment.

Trails out of Convict Lake, MC Gee Creek, Rock Creek Canyon Lake, and Bishop Creek Canyon are all in mid Summer shape with Wildflowers coming out fast. 

FYI we are starting to see large Summer crowds, the best time to hike is during the early morning hours. Trails have enough light right now that you could start a hike as early as just before 5:30 AM. Here is a pdf Map to local Trails in the Mammoth area

Disk Golf is up and running here in Mammoth Lakes. The course is built out at the Shady Rest Park in the area across the street from the playground. The course is well laid out and it has a full 18 holes that will take you a good couple hours to complete if you’re in a group of 4. 

If you need gear for a round for disk golf, Footloose has created a whole new disk golf section. Here is the link to see the course and location map.

Thanks for Stopping by, Snowman Out

PS: Anyone? I am looking for an older RV to use as my Base Camp in Mammoth Lakes and around the Eastern Sierra. Contact me if you have an older RV you’re looking to sell or get rid of later this Summer or in the early Fall. 🙂 760-709-1351

Crystal Lake In the Mammoth Lakes Basin
Crystal Lake In the Mammoth Lakes Basin

Who Are We?

Steve Taylor – The Mammoth Snowman Over the last 30+ years, Snowman has spent countless hours studying and learning about Mammoth Mountain Weather and Snow Conditions first hand. He has been skiing around the hill with marked ski poles since March of 1991 so he can measure the fresh snowfall amounts out on the hill. 

Snowman started blogging this information back in 1990 on the old Mammoth BBS system, then the RSN Forums and then on to in 2004 with Video & Photo Blog report. (No YouTube back then). Facebook got added to the fold back in 2008 and then the Facebook Group in 2016. 

Reports, videos, and photos from the website have been featured on both local TV Stations here in Mammoth, along with AP, Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC News.

Ted Schlaepfer – The Mammoth WeatherGuy – Powder Forecast – These forecasts are now responsible for many people getting multiple powder days on Mammoth Mountain over the years.  People email us saying they plan their days off around The Mammoth WeatherGuy Powder Forecasts.

Ted’s Bio: Ted has been a full-time Meteorologist (CCM) for the past 25+ years. He has always been fascinated with the weather,” skiing was just a natural extension of my love for snow and rain. I started skiing at age 5,  first discovered Mammoth in 1979 as a youth, and have been a regular visitor since the late ’80s.”.

Here is the link to The WeatherGuy Page with all his great insights on the weather, updates happen every Tuesday and Friday by 5 PM during the ski season. 

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