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9-22-21 @ 9:19 AM Good day and thanks for stopping by 

Welcome to Fall in the Eastern Sierra, some of the Aspens are starting to change now and days are much cooler. Fall is one of my favorite times of year in Mammoth Lakes. Everything slows down and we get a chance to relax before the crazy long winter season begins. 

If you have never been up to the Eastern Sierra in the early Fall this is the year to come up. The Fall colors go off during the first couple weeks of October and the hiking and biking in the cooler weather are just fabulous. 

Checking on conditions in the area, the haze has returned this morning. Up at the top of Mammoth Mountain, there is a temperature of 42 with a WSW wind to 50 MPH with gusts to 52 MPH. Down at Main Lodge, the temperature is 51.

In Mammoth Lakes at 7973 feet, the temperature is 57 with an SSE wind to 6 MPH with gusts to 15 MPH. Down in the Round Valley and Bishop areas the temperature is 49 degrees with calm winds at this time. 

The Weather Forecast: Look for hazy smoky skies today. Just checked the updated smoke model at 9:15, a wind change should blow the bad air out of the area by late afternoon.  As of now, it looks clear for Thursday and Friday. Will be a good time to get outside and enjoy some recreational opportunities. 

Highs for Mammoth Lakes the next couple of days will be in the upper 60s to low 70s with lows in the upper 30s to low 40s. Down in Bishop highs will be in the mid to upper 80s. The rain that was in the outlook for the weekend is off the table now, however, there could be some light rain and a dusting the middle of next week. 

For the complete detailed Mammoth Mountain & Eastern Sierra Weather forecast check out my updated weather center.

Road Conditions: All local roads are open are this time. Yes, the road to Reds Meadow is open but is subject to delay if the Valley fills up with too many vehicles. If you’re coming to the Sierra I would watch the weather from here on out if you plan to go over any of the passes.

Website News: Was finally ready to get you some fresh weekly video reports and then the new system I bought died a couple of weeks back. The backup system will be here Wednesday. Going to get the broken system fixed or replaced as soon as I can get it to an Apple Store in Reno or LA. 


Chris Menjou - End Of Summer Blue Skies
End Of Summer Blue Skies – Photo Chris Menjou

Mountain Biking: With clear blue skies everyone has been out riding the last couple of days. Not many people around. I encountered one other rider on yesterday’s trail ride and that was it. 

Mornings are cool but quickly warm-up, you early morning riders are going to need an extra layer on now.  For the Full Mountain Bike Report, use this link.

Fall Colors: Starting to some color changes from local Aspens above 8000 feet now. I plan on starting my Fall color beta drives this Friday, I will report back what I find with some fresh images and video on our Saturday update. Should be a great show from the June Lake Loop down to Bishop this year.

If you do plan to come up for the colors I would advise you to drive up all the local canyons to get the most colors in. Bishop Creek, Rock Creek, Mc Gee, Tioga Pass, and also the June Lake Loop. Driving these routes during the first half of October will result in some great fall color viewing. 

Winter Operations: Only 51 days until the scheduled opening day of winter operations. Snowmaking can begin anytime there is a good open window after the 3rd week in October. 

People have been asking what’s new during the off-season. Not a lot of construction on the hill this summer. The only thing I have seen is crews have been working on snowmaking piping upgrades. They have also been cutting down some of the dead trees on the hill and that’s about it.  

For those who do plan to ski or ride a lot next season make sure you have a full pass. Here is the link to learn more about the Ikon Season Pass.

Fall Color Preview from October 2020

Author – Steve Taylor – The Mammoth Snowman Over the last 30+ years, Snowman has spent countless hours studying and learning about Mammoth Mountain Weather and Snow Conditions first hand. He has been skiing around the hill with marked ski poles since March of 1991 so he can measure the fresh snowfall amounts out on the hill. 

Snowman started blogging this information back in 1990 on the old Mammoth BBS system, then the RSN Forums and then on to in 2004 with Video & Photo Blog report. (No YouTube back then). Facebook got added to the fold back in 2008 and then the Facebook Group in 2016. 

Reports, videos, and photos from the website have been featured on both local TV Stations here in Mammoth, along with AP, Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC News.

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