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11-12-2019 – 7 AM – Clear Skies in the Eastern Sierra on this Saturday morning.

The count down to winter sports is on, Mammoth Mountain will open in just 28 days. Expect snowmaking t fire up at the end of the month with at least a run open by the 9th of November.   

Fall Colors are peaking out in many locations now, you will find Fall colors in varying stages of the coloring process from Bishop to June Lake. 

Current Conditions: Looking at the current temperatures and wind speeds over the top of Mammoth Mountain, it’s a chilly 36 degrees with winds to 10 MPH out of the NW. Down at Main, we have a 29 as an inversion is setting up, which means cold air is sinking with warmer air in the higher elevations. 

Look for highs in Mammoth Lakes and on Mammoth Mountain into the 50’s well into next week. Lows will be in the 20’s for this weekend and most of next week. This cold air is already taking out some of the vibrant Fall colors.

For all the details on Mammoth Lakes and Eastern Sierra Weather, check out Snowman’s full weather and long-range outlooks with images and charts, check out our Mammoth Weather page here. (< link fixed)

Fall Colors - Photo by Curtis Martin
Fall Colors – Photo by Curtis Martin

Hiking: All the trails in the Eastern Sierra are still open, you will find patches of a dusting of snow now above 9000 feet in shady spots. This is a great time of year to hike with the cooler temperatures and it’s the slow time of year so not many people around. 

Mountain Biking and Bike Park News:  The bike park is now closed for the season, however, you can still get out there and ride some cross country, peddle power gets you in shape for winter. Trails in the Inyo Forest are in great shape your now and worth a Fall ride, here is a link to find out more about those rides

Mammoth Mountains Opening Day is set for November 9th, 2019 @ 8:30 AM. Of course, this is weather permitting, last season they had to move the opening day up 2 days.

What we are hoping for is some late October cement so they can get going before the 9th. FYI the 9th is a Saturday, not the normal Thursday opener. 

Website news: Updates are almost done on the new database. We will also be adding at least one live cam in Mammoth Lakes, which should be running by November 1st at the 8000-foot level.

We hope to get several cams up and running in Mammoth so you can see the current conditions by this winter. Looking for a Webcam Sponsor if anyone is game let me know.

New Snow making Machine - Photo by Snowman
New Snow making Machine – Photo by Snowman

Snowman and Crew Photos - Second week of October

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