March 2nd, 2024 @ 4:30 PM – Good evening; the Blizzard Warning continues into early Sunday morning, however expect moderate to strong winds through Sunday.

Currently, out on the hill, there are cloudy skies with light to moderate snowfall and very strong winds. At the Main Lodge, there is a temperature of 14 degrees with winds at the top of Chair 1 out of the S at 42 MPH with gusts to 81+ MPH. Taking a look at the top of Lincoln Mountain there is a temperature of 10 degrees with winds out of the SW at 35 MPH to 78 MPH.

At the Snow Study Site (9000 Feet) as of 4 PM, the snowfall recorded from this storm was an estimated 28-30 inches at an 8:1 ratio with 3.50 inches of water content. Snowfall accumulations have been limited due to highs winds causing snow flake fracking. The base is now up to 106.5 inches, with 30.20 inches of seasonal precipitation.

Travel & Road Forecast: 395 is now closed from the bottom of the Sherwin Grade to Bridgeport; due to multiple spin-outs and collisions as well as whiteout conditions. SR 203 has been closed in the EB direction from Meridian Blvd to U.S. 395. There is no estimated time for reopening when I just checked with the local cal-trans office. Benton Crossing Road is also closed, so don’t buy into your road apps showing you to go that way. 

All roads in Mammoth Lakes are now R1 chains or snow tires required. Please note the Scenic Loop from 203 to 395 is also closed. All Shuttles in town are running at this time. If you want to check out the 395 and 203 webcams in one place, check out our road conditions page at this link.

3-1-24 - Freshies out on Mammoth Mountain
3-1-24 – Freshies out on Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth Mountain Weather Forecast

High winds continue to blow snow around, creating blizzard conditions at times in all areas above the 6500 level. Snowfall will continue light to heavy at times into early Sunday, with 1-2 feet of additional snow possible on Mammoth Mountain.

Snowfall ratios look to stay low at 8-1 as the wind shatters the snowflakes, creating the fracking effect. So don’t expect deep light powder on Sunday. When I have skied wind-blown fresh snow like this in the past, the experience was a ton of fun.

Here is the forecast for those planning to head out on Mammoth Mountain on Sunday; expect some snow showers early in the morning and then partial clearing. Morning temperatures will be in the mid-teens and then, by mid-day, rise into the upper teens to lower 20s. SW winds will still be an issue with wind speeds in the 40-55 MPH range, with gusts up to 60 to 75 MPH at times.

Click here for Snowman’s Recreational Weather update posted at 4 PM on Saturday. For The Mammoth Weather Guy Tuesday & Friday Powder Forecast, click here.

Mammoth Mountain Snow Report from the Snowman

3-2-24 @ 8:50 AM – The mountain has announced all lifts are closed today. By Sunday the storm will start to back off and that will allow more lifts to open by mid-day. 

Once this storm moves out, there should be some great powder turns. The back end of this system will have less wind and that will allows some light and fluffy powder on top of the fracked out sandy like snow that is accumulating right now. By Monday morning you groomer lovers should have mile of fresh mid winter packed powder to rip up.

*Keep in mind after a storm like this every lift needs a rebuild on the entrance and exit ramps, chairs need to be cleared and avy control needs to take place. It’s a major operation and for safety sake nobody is rushing the process.

Ski Patrol has seen a lot of people not having any patience or respect for this process this season by ducking closed ropes. If you decide to be one of these fools you expect to lose your pass for 30s and be referred to MLPD.


More Powder on the Way! - Photo from John H.
More Powder on the Way! – Photo from John H.

What’s up off the Mountain? In the Mammoth Lakes Basin, the Tamarack Cross Country Ski Area is 100% open and groomed to perfection. Off to the sides of the Cross Country Trails, the access path is groomed and ready for those who want to snowshoe up into the Lakes Basin.

Down in Mammoth Lakes, there is plenty of snow for snow play and snowman creations; if your kids are sledding, please make them wear helmets. Up at Woolly’s Tube Park, all the sledding lanes and the snow play areas are open.

The current snow line runs down to the bottom of the Sherwin Grade, and that includes all of the Lower Rock Creek Canyon Trail. Rock Creek Canyon Road is open to the SnoPark area. 

Down in the Bishop area, there is a lot to do if you’re looking to get out of the snow zone. The Disk Golf Course at Mill Pond is open, as is the Bishop Golf Course. Mountain Biking is also a blast right now, with all the trails and OHV areas in great shape from recent rains.

Click here for a complete list of what to do in the winter besides skiing and snowboarding on Mammoth Mountain.

A Few February Photos from the Snowman and Friends

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