August 12th, 2022 @ 6:00 AM – Good morning, you will find mostly clear skies over Mammoth Mountain and the entire Eastern Sierra.

With all the rain over the last couple of weeks, you will find everything has greened up area-wide now. Driving around the area yesterday it’s just amazing how green everything is for mid-August.

That’s what a good monsoonal flow will do for you, been over a decade since we had one this productive. Check out some of the images I got on Tuesday, everything is so clear and green for August, just amazing.

If you’re planning on an Outdoor Adventure over the next few days you can expect clear skies through Saturday. Highs at the Resort level at 8900 feet will be in the upper 60s with low 70s by the weekend. Winds will be SW at 5-10 with afternoon breezes in the 15-25 MPH range. 

Look for a return of the monsoonal flow next week with more Thunderstorms around the Eastern Sierra and the High Country, let’s hope and pray for another deluge of rain region-wide.

For the full Recreational Mammoth Weather Forecast, the 10-day outlook, and the seasonal outlooks use this link.

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What’s Up? I hope you have all been having a great Summer. It’s been just fantastic up here in Mammoth Lakes and around the Eastern Sierra.

There have had some warm and dry days and then last two weeks the monsoonal flow came in. So far Air Quality has been a Gem except for a couple of days back in July. 

Right now it’s still really busy up here, especially on the weekends. However, with schools starting over the next couple of weeks I would expect to start to see a slow down around mid-month.

Lots of Summer still left, get on up here for some Adventure Time and at least a day in the Bike Park.

The Mammoth Mountain Bike Park is in really great shape with the dirt set up from all the rain at the end of last week.

Some of the trails did experience some gully washers, but crews have cleaned up most of the mess. Yes, there are still a few extreme lines that are closed in the bike park. Outside of the park, most of the area trails are in great shape, however, You will encounter a few erosion lines so be on guard.

For the full details on Mountain Biking in the area check out the full report at this link.

Winter Sports is just 3 months away now, with opening day slated for Friday, November 11th weather permitting. Crews are working on upgrading the snow-making system. One of the goals I heard was they want to be able to blow more snow during the short early season windows the mountain gets.

They are also now upgrading Woolly’s Snow Tube Park with a ton more lanes and eventually, we hear this will be the home of the Summer Adventure Center. 

Have not seen any action yet on the new chair 16 and chair 1 replacement projects that are scheduled to be done in November of 2023. I also need to go by the Mill too and see if anything new is taking place.

I am out on the hill again riding my bike now 2 – 3 days a week so as I see work going on I will get some photos and videos of what’s being done.


Riding Up Discover Chair on Tuesday August 9th, 2022

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