Sledding and Snow Play in Mammoth Lakes

Sledding in Mammoth LakesThe Snowman loves sledding and snow play with the Family in Mammoth Lakes. On storm days when the hill is mostly shut down, Sledding can keep you and your kids occupied for hours.

Our family has come to love the sport of sledding so much that we design and build our own courses in the yard.

Personally, I think almost nothing beats a couple of hours of sledding out on the hills around your yard, the town, or in the hills of the Eastern Sierra with the family.

Grab the kids, helmets, and a variety of sleds, and get ready for some major fun.

The key to a great sledding experience is packing out a course with safety in mind.

All courses need to stay away from trees and run-outs that end on town roads. Your head hitting a tree would kill you or your kids, so take helmets and beware!

Let’s take a look at some of the places you can go to sledding here in town. First up is the easiest option: go sledding in your backyard or a hill near your condo area.

We made this sled run (in the image above) during the Christmas Eve Blizzard of 2008. A steep little hill with a clean run out into deep powder. Look around, and you should be able to see lots of sledding options. Just make sure they have a safe run out.


Woolly’s Tube Park – Skip the hiking, catch a lift to the top, then bomb down as fast as you dare in one of Woolly’s high-speed snow tubes.

For more information, here is a link to the Mammoth Mountain page on the Tube Park. 

The Church Sled Site

This is a very popular sledding hill in Mammoth Lakes. It’s on private property, so keep it clean and be respectful of the property owners!

On any given day, you will find a handful to several dozen sliders having a great time on 4 nice long sled paths.

This site has ample parking and is conveniently located just across the street from Mammoth Brewing Company. This location has no restrooms so make sure the kids take care of business at your place of lodging before you head to this fun sledding area.Sledding in Mammoth Lakes

The Scenic Loop also offers some great hills to go sledding on. Look for turnouts so you are not blocking the road. The Scenic Loop is accessed by taking Hwy 203, 1 mile past the Village in Mammoth Lakes.

If you need sleds and helmets, you can get them at Footloose Sports, Fast Ski Sports, or Black Tie Ski Rentals here in Mammoth Lakes.

Tips for sledding in Mammoth Lakes!

Wax and Wipe your Sleds! Before you go sledding, wax the bottom of your sled. Good Old Beeswax works great. Waxing will make your sled fly over the snow without bogging down. Without wax, you can still have lots of fun once you’re on a packed-out course.

After you’re done sledding for the day, wipe down the whole bottom surface! This removes water, dirt, and debris that can damage your sled’s snow gliding surface.

Pack a run. Snow sledding is best when you have a run with firm-packed snow. Packing a sled run is a simple and fun activity. Pick a path, get on your sled, and ride. Repeat over and over and soon you will have a fast, packed-out course to play on. Safety first!!!

While going downhill at a very fast speed can be fun, you must do it with safety in mind, especially if you have children with you.

So now you are ready to go snow sledding. Dress warm and bring a thermos of hot chocolate because once you start, you may not want to stop.

Have fun, and wear a helmet… Snowman out!