Shady Rest Disc Golf Course

We now have a real Disc Golf course here in Mammoth Lakes. The course is built out at the Shady Rest Park in the area across the street from the playground. They are working on signs for the course and the parking area and they should be going in this Summer of 2020.

The course is well laid out and it has a full 18 holes that will take you a good couple hours to complete if you’re in a group of 4. There is even a practice area for newbies to get used to trying to hit the disk golf baskets.

This course is a very long-awaited addition to Mammoth Lakes and Snowman is stoked that the project got pulled off. I grew up in the town where disk golf started in the 70’s, so glad to see this in Mammoth Lakes now.

Below is a map of the course, Joe and I will be out playing around soon and I will post photos of the course.

Shady Rest Disk Golf in Mammoth Lakes
Shady Rest Disk Golf in Mammoth Lakes