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Mammoth SnowmanOctober 26th, 2022 – Over the last 18 years this website has continued on and at this point has become my full-time passion and job.

I love to show and tell people about what’s going on out on Mammoth Mountain and around the Eastern Sierra.

It’s always been the goal to keep offering FREE content that everyone could have access to, without the distraction of excessive ads that you see on other websites.

We do have significant bills and time commitments that exist in order to keep up with all that goes on with running a full-time travel information website.

While you see advertisers here on the website the revenue we bring in from the ads and free gear does not cover our operating expenses.

We have continued to survive over the years from private donors that have made donations so we could keep running the show.

To all those who have contributed in any way, I am forever grateful for your help in enabling this website to stay up for the last 18 years, and hopefully much longer!

Your contributions, notes, and letters inspire me to continue adding new content daily, modernizing the website, and in time, hopefully, building the live webcam network.

If you love and want to support its future, there are a few options available to you below for both recurring and one-time contributions or you can create your own option. 

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Ski Ya Later… Steve Taylor the Snowman 🙂

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