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Help Us Keep This Website ALIVE! is a one of a kind website that has now been around for 17 1/2 years. It’s an amazing blessing to have made it this far and it only happened with our readers help, Thank You!

If this journey is going to continue I am going to need Your Help again. Online Content Providers can only survive in this new normal if the regular readers become subscribers.

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Right now I am running all that list below solo, so yep it’s a full time effort and it’s 100% worth it!

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Daily Updates: Every day the Mammoth Snowman website is updated with the Current Weather and Road Conditions, a Daily Image, Recreational & Travel News, Camping Updates, Snow & Bike Reports, Information on What to Do, NWS Alerts, and what to expect weather-wise.

Social Media Posts: Every day the Mammoth Snowman Social Media network is updated via our desktop broadcaster. You get links to our fresh website posts and great photos to make your day better.

Mammoth & East Side Photo Albums: Want to see what it’s like out on Mammoth Mountain and around the Eastern Sierra? Each week I will be posting an updated photo album so you can see what’s happening in the area while you’re away. There will also be lots of guest photos from locals and visitors alike. Here is the link to the photo albums.

Video Tours & Adventures from the Area: Nothing like seeing the Eastern Sierra in 4k. You can expect a of couple tour/adventure videos to be posted every month. Here is a link to recent video posts from the last several months.

Recreational Weather Discussion: Detailed Eastern Sierra weather discussion, forecast, and outlooks that help you plan your travel and adventures better. You get the weather details you need to have more fun outdoors with your time off. Updates are provided twice a week year-round. Here is the link to the weather discussion.

Weather Guy’s Powder Forecast: Ted posts a look at when the next Rider of the Storm Day or Powder Day might be in fine detail. The forecast is posted during the snow season on Tuesdays & Fridays by 5 PM. Here is the link to the posts.

The Locals Snow Report: Get the beta on snow conditions from the Snowman and other locals who share what the snow conditions currently are. You will find interesting trip reports with photos along with Snowman’s Video Tours and Clips from the hill. Updated twice a week during the Spring. Here is the link to the snow report.

East Side Mountain Bike Report: What’s the Mountain Biking like in the Eastern Sierra? Get the weekly update and take a monthly video ride with us to learn where to ride on your next visit to the area. Here is the link to the mountain bike report.

Recreation Report – What to Do: So much to do in the Eastern Sierra. How about some ideas of what to do in the Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall? All the ideas given are the same fun things our family has done over the 30 years of living here. Here is the link to the what to do page.

Sunday Newsletter: Our weekly newsletter will give you quick access to all our recent content and an update on what to expect for the upcoming weekend and the week ahead. To get on the email newsletter list use this link.

The Webcam Network: Project 2022 – Your Window-cast to the Eastern Sierra is a series of live streaming webcams. The cams are will be set up from Fort Independence to Mammoth Lakes. You will have access to live and static views of the features scenic views, the current weather, and of course road conditions. Here is the link to learn more.

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