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Hello Snowman Steve here with you, I am going to be putting in a full-time effort here at moving forward. The goal is to serve the community’s needs with 100% full focus.

As her health allows my wife Jennie is also helping with accounting and the online store.

To be able to make this work in the long run, and be able to produce and post all the content we are committed to. (See the list down the page). We are asking for our website and social media readers’ help.   

If you find what we do valuable to your lifestyle, please consider Partnering with us today. 

As the monthly paid subscriber’s base grows we plan to expanded content and hire more local workers to help produce that content.

Their is also a plan to create a whole new live streaming webcam and weather station network in the area.

Yes, we have advertisers, but that income does not cover the expenses and the time needed to produce all the content we are committed to.

The only business model that works for online a weather and adventure blog like ours is a mix of local ads and large base monthly paid subscribers. 

If you would like to have a discussion about all this with me over the phone, you can reach me on my cell at 760-709-1351. I do screen calls but I do answer and I will call you back if needed.

The Vision from the start in 2004

To give YOU true and accurate information on the current conditions and weather from Mammoth Mountain to Bishop from locals’ perspective. To Entertain You with Photos and Videos from the Mountain and all of the Eastern Sierra.

To Provide YOU with an online Friendly place to get your Travel Questions answered. And provide a Friendly Online Community of People Who Love to Ski and Snowboard on Mammoth Mountain.


This is how we plan to use the funds that we get monthly from our monthly subscriber base.

250 Subscribers = We can continue to ramp up our content level, upgrade our equipment and hire and pay a p/t local social media helper.

500 Subscribers = Add a Mammoth Snowman App and Hire a p/t Local App Admin to run it, Create and Maintain the Weather Webcam Network.

750 Subscribers = Hire a P/T Local Video Hog, Hire a P/T Local Photo Hog

1000+ Subscribers = Lease a Mobile Broadcast Van for Live Sunrise and Sunset Broadcasts and Photo Shoots. Eliminate excessive Ads on the website and in the social media feeds.

Here is the content You get at thru the Winter of 2025

Marquee Alert System: Featuring breaking travel, weather, news and alerts from the NWS, Cal Trans, and The Snowman.

Home Page Daily Update and Activity Information: The home page is updated daily and is your portal to all the basic weather, conditions and things to do. There is also access to our most recent online posts.

Almost Daily Photo & Weekly Image Gallery: Photos are one of your top requests to have more of at the website year-round.

Mammoth Mountain Weather Center: You get a recreational weather forecast created specifically for Mammoth Mountain and the Eastern Sierra. New this year will be our Weather Forecast Live Streams and FAQ Shows. There is also be a #mammothwx post just about daily on social media now.

Local Videos: We just splurged and have an all-new fresh video editing and go pro system is in place and to bring you videos again. Everything from the Video Snow Report to Scenic Landscape to Mountain Biking and Hiking action.

FAQ / Your Own Online Host: Everyone has questions, get yours answered online while you’re at home planning your trip. Each question will be answered and then added to the new FAQ page we are setting up. Starting soon there are plans to have a regular live stream FAQ hang outs.

Social Media: If you like social media posts our feeds will becoming alive again this Fall.  Look for a daily post with what’s happening today in the area along with a fresh photo so You can see what’s up in the Mammoth Mountain area.

Snowman’s Weather & Webcam Network: (In the Planning & Fund Raising Stages) I have had the vision to set up a new live streaming webcam & weather network around the Eastern Sierra along with a New Snowman Accumulation Webcam.


If you’re not a subscriber Please consider Partnering with us today because you love all the posts, reports, and photos/videos of the area that we share.

Thanks so much, Steve and Jennie Taylor

You can contact Steve the Snowman at: & Cell 760-709-1351

Thanks to all of our Monthly Subscribers!

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