Black Tie Ski Rentals in Mammoth LakesApril 9th, 2021 Friday @ 8:30 AM – Good afternoon morning, and thanks for stopping by 

Spring has come early to the entire Eastern Sierra with the snow line now around 7500 – 8000 feet.

Up on the hill, there is some really great spring skiing and snowboarding right now with sunny skies and warm temperatures daily after a nighttime freeze. The entire hill has now converted over to spring conditions.

Off the hill the snow is melting fast at this point, trails and service roads below the town are 100% melted out and I would expect most areas to be melted out below 8000 feet over the next week or two.

That melt-off will open up some more mountain biking and hiking trails much earlier than what we see during a normal snow season. Fishing season will be fully open starting the last Saturday of April this year.

Mammoth Mountain Weather: Clear blue skies are forecast through the weekend and into early next week. It appears there will be a slight chance of some snow showers next Tuesday with cooling daytime highs beyond that date. 

Highs into Monday will in the low 50s at Main Lodge with low 40s over the top. Highs down at Canyon and Eagle Lodges will be into the mid to upper 50s. Nighttime lows look to be in the mid to upper 20s across the hill.

Expect light to moderate SW winds over Mammoth Mountain today into Monday with winds speeds in the 15-30+ MPH range especially during the afternoon hours. Lower elevations will have much fewer winds after today (Friday) over the weekend.

At the lower elevations, day time highs in Mammoth Lakes look to be in the upper 50s to low 60s with Bishop and Round Valley in the upper 70s into Monday. 

Evening Photo from 4-4-2021 - From Ryan Hurley
Evening Photo from 4-5-2021 – From Ryan Hurley

Mammoth Mountain Snow Report: There is a base out on the hill of 4-10 feet from Main Lodge up to the top of the mountain. The snow has been melting fast this week with a 10-inch loss at the snow study site.

The good news is next week’s cooldown will slow the melt-down process big time. If your planning on getting spring skiing and snowboarding in I would get up here sooner than later this year. 

Closing day for winter sports out of the Main Lodge has been set for Memorial Day, with Canyon and Eagle Lodges closing on Sunday, April 18th.  

Out on the hill, the snow continues to turn into a full-on spring corn snow fest mountain-wide with the daily freeze and thaw process we have had over the last week now.

The snow gets soft fast down at Canyon and Eagle with some fun spring turns on the groomers. A spring warm-up lap on Eagle is fun and then some laps on Downhill off of 16 are the call. 

By 9:30 the Chair 9 area and Gold Hill are soft and ready for some spring corn snow laps. Mid and upper mountain runs that get the most sun are soft by 10 AM – 10:30 AM.

Up top early on try Sign Line and the skiers left on Cornice Bowl as both those areas get direct sunlight early in the mornings at this time of year. Both Cornice and Scotties are groomed and have the best spring turn right now as the rest of the upper mountain is still converting over to spring. 

At this time of year, it’s highly recommended that you wax up daily to avoid bogging down in the spring snow. Having your bases restructured for spring will also help big time so you can enjoy the spring snow season.

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Ski ya later, Snowman…

PS: Been a crazy winter for Snowman, hurt my back early on and that limited my days out on the hill big time. Been doing a ton of P/T and Mountain Biking down in Bishop and I am getting close to being 100% recovered.

I want to thank Flaskman and Hurley for getting me photos and confirming the snow conditions the last couple of months. Also thanks to Mammoth Weather Guy for all his Powder Outlook Posts during this challenging season.

Moving forward here at the website I have made the jump to a new I Mac and Go Pro 9 equipment. You will start to see some new video content and some awesome weekly photos again in a few short weeks. 

Expect to see some fresh footage from the hill in May along with some mountain biking, fishing, and hiking footage over the next few months.