Mammoth Mountain Snow Trip Report from the Snowman 1-6-2022

January 6th, 2021 – 4:53 PM After a month off Snowman was finally able to get back out on the hill. Had to take it easy with just groomers and 9 runs for this first day back.

My game plan was to start skiing around 10:30 when all the snow had loosened up from the winds and cold on Wednesday. The plan paid off as everything out on the hill was a nice groomed out soft packed powder.

I have never started on Easy Rider before but today was the day. It was a good run to get my brain to readjust on after the Mountain Bike head trauma a month ago. Thanks to the people from the lift who followed me down on that run.

Easy Rider – Photo by Snowman

Took my second run down St Anton on some fantastically groomed out snow. Was interesting that you could still see the Avy debris from when Scotty’s and the Noids ripped loose a couple weeks ago now.

Upper St Anton – Photo by Snowman
Lower St Anton – Photo by Snowman
Avy Debris from December – Photo by Snowman

Checked out Mambo and as usual it’s the preferred route down to Chair 2. The snow is less chopped up in here mid weeks till mid day and some times beyond on weekdays.

Packed Powder on Mambo – Photo by Snowman
Lower Mambo- Photo by Snowman

Checked out Broadway to see what you could see of the Grand Prix. Unless you want to watch the event I would avoid Broadway as it’s very narrow at the top due to the very wide slope style course.

View just after getting on chair 1- Photo by Snowman

Head up Chair 10 and did the ride down to 9 via lower Gold Hill. It was a getting warm on that side of the hill. I would wait till mid morning for to ride 9 now and unless you like a firm corduroy surface.

Did not get to ski up top, but the word was the snow was a very nice wind buff. It sure looked good, every time I looked up there you should see people flying down with big roosts on every turn.

All in all the Mountain is skiing and riding great. Do expect the snow to firm up a bit as highs are in the low to mid 40s today and heading back into the 30s now through the weekend.

If you’re going to be out on the hill Saturday into at least next Wednesday, expect sunny days with light to moderate winds at times. The best hours to ski and ride will be from 10 AM to 2 PM.


Base: As of today, the Mammoth Snow Study site is showing 89 inches at the 9000-foot level. The base up top is being reported at 175 inches.

Ski Area and Town Shuttles: Here is the link to the 2021/22 Town & Ski Area Shuttle Guide, this is a pdf, open the link and print or save.

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FYI: Everything I report here is just my observations from what I am seeing at this time. Of course, nothing is official. I never get updates from the hill, it’s just me and the people who report back to me what’s going on.