January 12, 2022 –  Snow Report from the Snowman out on Mammoth Mountain.

So how is the snow and the base out on the hill holding up, after 3 hours out on the hill I would say just fantastic.

The groomers are wonderful carvable packed powder surfaces. The snow has consolidated and firmed up just enough for some fast flat fun.

Off the groomers, the effects of all that wind are still out there. What you will notice off-trail is just about everything is flat wind buff and really fun to turn on. Not a lot of funky wind drifts just a nice flat base everywhere you go.

Up Top: The snow has consolidated and firmed up a bit into what is still a very nice wind buff surface. The cornice is groomed out very wide now and the snow in here was a ton of fun when I got to drop in for a few turns.

Over on the Wipe Outs and the Drop Outs, you will find some very nice flat pockets of a firmer wind buff. There are some funky wind drift spots a bit lower down in the lower Apron of the Drop Outs you want to watch for.

Coverage up top is great however, during the last storm cycle, there were some very big slides on Climax and from Scotties over to the Periods so beware in those areas as there is much less snowpack.

Main Lodge & The Mill Areas: Runs over on this part of the hill are in great shape. Grooming is just about perfect out there will miles of fresh corduroy in the morning. Take a morning warm-up run down Saddle Bowl to World Cup and then down Terry’s Run.

Canyon Lodge And Little Eagle areas: Great coverage and some really good snow. The snow surface is still in mid-winter form all the way back down to the Little Eagle Lodge.

Chair 9 Area is still really good on the groomers. It’s a good idea to let the snow over there loosen up a bit in the sun and then hit that area up around 9:30 to 10 AM. Did not get off-trail, but it looked like there are some fun pockets of wind buff out there. Please note, chair 9 opens a bit later than the other chairs, so get a couple of laps in before hitting it up.