Eastern Sierra Mountain Biking Report​

3-7-2022 – Good morning, it’s a chilly morning down in Bishop. If you’re heading out for a bike ride layer up it’s cold out there again.

Taking a look at Mountain Biking conditions in the area the snow line is a mix of snow and dirt starting right at the top of the Lower Rock Creek Canyon Trail.

Below that it’s all dirt now and above that, you will find a mix of snow and dirt all the way to Mammoth Lakes. I will be heading into Mammoth Lakes again on Tuesday and will do a check of the snowline again and get some fresh photos to post here on Wednesday.

Taking a look at what you can ride now, Lower Rock Creek Canyon is in great shape, it’s just the top 100 yards on the top section that still has some snow and ice in the shady areas. Below that it’s wide open for a ride, do watch for hikers and dogs on the trail. Fast and fearless on blind turns can get you in trouble quickly these days.

White Mountain Road is open as are all the funky trails in that area. Also to note this area gets direct mid and late-day sunshine so be ready to shed those extra layers.

For the best single-track action right now, of course, Chipmunk Canyon is King with several miles of climbing, downhill action, and cross country style riding.  You will find this riding area at the end of Barlow Lane in West Bishop. All the trails in this area are unmarked, however, you can see them on the Strava app.

This is a leave no trace zone, there is no staff to clean up your trash, so leave no trace or you might get heckled by locals.

If the current trend of no snow continues you can expect the snow line to come up fast over the next month. I will be checking the area from Mammoth to Bishop a couple of times a week and will keep you updated here on this report.

With that in mind I am thinking that by mid to late April, there should be a decent amount of ridable terrain in the lower elevations around Mammoth and southern Mono County.

I plan to do some videos of what you can ride as terrain opens up over the next few months. … Back on the bike riding 3 days a week so I will be ready soon to record some Mtn Bike action to mix it up with the snow stoke tours.


2-19-22 – The View of the Sierra Crest from 4600 Feet
2-19-22 – Single Track Warm Up Climb on the right side of Bir Road out of Bishop.
2-19-22 – The uphill view of the Bir Road Single Track Climb