Mammoth Mountain Snow and Weather Report

Hello this is the Snowman with your local’s snow report for Mammoth Mountain on Saturday April 9th, 2022

Spring skiing and riding are here. Today expect hard fast groomed speed runs at the first bell with the snow softening fast on the groomer runs.

As the morning goes on I would advise you to be in the Main Lodge area or better yet on the mid or upper mountain lifts. These are the runs to check out once the lower groomers get too slow and boggy from the wet snow.

It takes about a week for the snow on the hill to fully convert over to spring corn kernels. Once that happens the mid-day snow won’t bog you down if you have a good spring texture on your base and some ironed in wax.

If you’re heading out early I would ski out of the Mill to start the day, break out your winter firm pack skis and carve up the firm stuff for an hour and then switch out.

If you’re parked at the Mill you can switch to a freshly waxed pair of spring skis quickly once the snow starts to get soft.

** By Monday there will be a return to winter with HIGH winds and a chance for 3-6+ inches of snowfall. Tuesday looks like packed power and freshies.

Local Tips: Best to ski out of Canyon or the Mill and avoid Eagle now. Too much of a slog to get back to Eagle, it’s a real leg burner after 112 PM.

If you’re looking to ski or ride the groomers expect a firm fast corduroy surface to start the morning. By 9 areas of the ski runs that get direct sun will start to spring up and should offer some nice smooth soft turns.

Also, it’s a MUST that you’re gear is waxed up daily during spring conditions or you’re going to bog hard as the day goes on. Most people who hate spring conditions have never learned how to prep their gear nightly.

My advice is to purchase all-purpose Hertel hot sauce, an iron scraper, and a buffer and do it yourself.

You can also take your gear to Fast Ski Sports and use our Free Hot Wax Coupon. If you still bog down have the crew at Fast Ski texture your skis for a better spring glide.

They also have the tools you need to do it your self and they can show you how the process goes.

Canyon and Eagle Lodges will close Sunday, April 17th for the season. There will be the annual pond skim at Canyon on that closing Sunday.

Ski Ya Later Snowman

Cornice Bowl Laps are a blast right now.
Cornice Bowl Laps are a blast right now.