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5-25-22 @ 9:02 AM – Good morning from the Eastern Sierra, look for some isolated showers from possible build-ups over the higher elevations above 8000 feet.

High pressure is peaking in the area today before moving off to the east on Thursday. This will be the last day of the above-average highs and light winds for the high country.

The lower elevations will be slow to cool off, Bishop will go from a mid-day high of 95 today down to a high of 80 by Sunday.

The next inside slider makes its way into the Great Basin over the Memorial Day weekend and into early next week.

Winds will pick up from the low starting on Thursday and will be with us over the weekend and into next week.

There is a second low out in the 8 – 10 day period that will bring a reinforced cool down with more moderate winds at times for all elevations.

If you plan to be out boating Thursday into Saturday it could be a bit too windy at times. Check the NWS spot forecasts for the exact locations you want to boat in before you leave.

Overall the next 2 weeks and the month of June look cooler than average with windy conditions at times. The next 30 days look about perfect for early Summer fun with clean air and no heat in the Eastern Sierra.

Please note: there is high fire danger in the area after the dry winter. During times of moderate winds kill your campfires and don’t drive off the dirt if you’re out adventuring or 4 wheeling.


Here are the links to the specific highs, lows, and wind speeds for many of the major recreation points in the Eastern Sierra: Mammoth Mountain Main Lodge, Top of Mammoth Mountain, Mammoth Lakes, June Lake, Crowley Lake, Toms Place, Rock Creek Lake, Bishop & Mill Pond, South Lake.

MC Coy Station Webcam at Mammoth Mountain
MC Coy Station Webcam at Mammoth Mountain

10 Day Weather Charts

14-km EPS Global North America 500 hPa Height Anom-8
14-km EPS Global North America 500 hPa Height Anom-8

Here is the Ensemble showing the chance of the showers that was mentioned above.

14-km EPS USA California 24-h Precipitation-3
14-km EPS USA California 24-h Precipitation-3

Below is the Temperature Anomaly Ensemble Mean over the next 10 days.

When you see the red over California it’s going to be warm in the High Country and Hot in Bishop mid day. The blues are the cooler temperatures that bring relief from the warmer days.

I hope to see you out in the area mountain biking or getting some morning turns in real soon.

Snowman… 🙂