Mammoth Mountain and Eastern Sierra Weather forecast

Good morning this is your Mammoth Mountain and Eastern Sierra Weather Forecast for Monday June 13th, 2022 at 7:30 AM.

The window cast for today shows clear blue skies in all areas expect over the top of Mammoth Mountain. Take a look at the two different webcam view’s below from 7:30 AM this morning.


On this mornings satellite view, you can see the clouds over Mammoth Mountain and over on the west side of the Sierra crest. This is a sunrise shot so it’s still a bit dark in the image.

Recreational Weather Discussion: The low-pressure system that kicked up all the high winds over the last few days will be moving to the east of our area today. This is a cooler and breezy pattern for all of the Eastern Sierra.

The NWS has issued a Lake Wind Advisory so beware as winds come up over the morning down to lake levels. There could be gusts of 25-35 MPH for a time later today all the way down to Crowley Lake.

If you’re outside for an adventure today highs will be in the 50s at the 8900-foot level with winds in the 20-30 MPH range with stronger gusts that will be backing off later today.

As the low-pressure system moves to our east it will be replaced by a moderately strong short wave ridge of high pressure.

By Tuesday temperatures will come up a 3-5 degrees and the winds will be about half of what they are today over the higher elevations with mostly calm wind below 7500 feet.

Then on Wednesday highs will peak with Mammoth Lakes back in the low 80s and Bishop into the upper 90s if not low 100s. Expect some afternoon zypher winds as the area heats up.

The ridge of high pressure will be quickly moving to our east with just Wednesday and Thursday being really warm.

Temperatures drop again 10-12 degrees by Friday as the next stronger low-pressure system starts to move in from the west.

The weekend outlook calls for cooler than average highs with breezy conditions and cool nights. As we get towards the middle of the week there will be a better outlook on the wind. As of now, I would expect wind advisories on Saturday and Sunday to be possible.


Here are the links to the specific highs, lows, and wind speeds for many of the major recreation points in the Eastern Sierra: Mammoth Mountain Main Lodge, Top of Mammoth Mountain, Mammoth Lakes, June Lake, Crowley Lake, Toms Place, Rock Creek Lake, Bishop & Mill Pond, South Lake.