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Tuesday, October 18th, 2022 @ 10 AM – Good morning everyone its a beautiful day up here in the Eastern Sierra. You will find clear skies with continued warm days right now.

While we wait for the snow to hit the Fall Colors are going off with a mix of peaking, past peak, and not peaking yet from Mammoth to Bishop.

Smart locals are doing their final preps for winter while the Mammoth Mountain Snowmaking crew is getting ready to roll. As of today, there are just 24 days to go until the scheduled opener.  Yazza

Mammoth Weather Forecast: The long-expected change in the weather pattern is closing in now. Snow showers and windy conditions are expected by Saturday out on Mammoth Mountain. Looks like this could be the first real dusting of snow with possibly up to 1/2 to 1 inch of snow falling above 9000 feet.

For today expect highs at the resort level at 8900 Feet, (Main Lodge and the Mammoth Lakes Basin in the mid to upper 50s by mid-day and the lows will be in the mid to upper 40s.

To get our full weather forecast, the weekend outlook, the 10-day discussion, and pre-winter data for Mammoth Mountain and the Eastern Sierra use this link.

Make sure to choose the higher video setting in the player above so you get the best quality video playback.

Mammoth Snow Report: Opening day is set for November 11th at 8:30 AM. Expect chair 1 with Broadway open and a few features off to the side. More runs will open if the expected change in the weather pattern takes place.

Snowmaking crews are prepping for the first test runs of the season which could come late this weekend or early next week. It does appear that there will be a possibility of nightly snowmaking for a few hours most of next week.

Learn more about what’s happening on the hill now at our Mammoth Mountain Locals Snow Report page.

Almost Full - MC Coy Station Snowmaking Pond - 22 1/2 Million Gallons
Almost Full – MC Coy Station Snowmaking Pond – 22 1/2 Million Gallons

What to Do Off the Hill: Right now it’s all about the Fall Colors in the High Country that are peaking. As the weather changes over the weekend and we start to see some overnight freezes the colors will be past peak fast above the 8500-foot level.

Beyond the Fall Colors, a Hike to Crystal Lake is marvelous right now. Or try a ride up Uptown to the Mountain View trail and on up to the Minaret Vista. You can get back to town by dropping into the Bike Park right near the vista.

Just beware, by this weekend the higher elevations will go from late summer to early winter-type weather. Be prepared with the right layers for warmth. The first cold always is a shock to the body.

Here is the link to all the ideas of what to do during the Month of October.


PS: I added a forum to our mix, going to be beta testing this the next month. Here is the link.

Fall Colors 2022