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Wednesday, October 25th, 2022 @ 10:23 AM – Good morning everyone, as of today, there are just 16 days to go until the scheduled opener.

The nice dusting of snow Mammoth Mountain picked up this weekend has mostly melted now moistening up the ground and causing it to start to freeze up in spots.

While we wait for the snow, lots of people are still out hiking and mountain biking in the area. There are even still some Fall colors left from Mammoth Lakes down to Bishop.

Mammoth Weather Forecast: Look for clear skies and dry conditions the rest of the week and right thru the weekend.

Highs at Main Lodge and areas at the 8900-foot level will be in the low 40s today and then upper 40s the into Friday with low 50s over the weekend. Overnight lows will be in the mid-20s tonight and then low to mid-30s over the weekend.

The next chance for some cold air for snowmaking and snowfall will come from an inside slider around the November 2nd to 3rd time frame. To get our full detailed Mammoth Weather Forecast, along with some interesting weather images use this link.

Snowmaking: The snowmakers have taken advantage of every window possible to blow snow but it’s slow going with the wet bulb being too warm.

Over the next couple of nights, snowmaking conditions look to be marginal, and then in a couple of days as the wet bulb comes up you can expect no window at all. The next window to blow some decent snow for the opener will be around November 4th onward.

Make sure to choose the higher video setting in the player above so you get the best quality video playback.

Mammoth Snow Report: For now, it’s waiting time. Opening day is set for November 11th at 8:30 AM. Expect Chair 1 with Broadway open and a few features off to the side. More runs will be open if the Mountain gets enough cold air and snowfall.

Learn more about what’s happening on the hill now at our Mammoth Mountain Locals Snow Report page.

What to Do Off the Hill: If you’re heading out for a hike or some biking beware it’s COLD in the mornings now. Make sure to layer up and bring your gloves. 

Fall Colors have peaked and passed at the 8500-foot level and above. Below that elevation, there have been a couple of solid freezes the last couple of nights and that has taken away some of the Aspen tree’s golden yellow. 

There still be some decent colors from Mammoth Lakes down to Bishop this week so don’t write off the Fall Colors just yet.  Just to note Bishop is still a couple of weeks from being at peak color so you can still enjoy the epic Cotton Wood Forests.

Here is the link to all the ideas of what to do during the Month of October.

Website News: Looking forward to a great winter season out on Mammoth Mountain. Got my pass and will be out on the hill a lot more this season, just like the good old days again.

Starting with the opener, there will be full coverage with bi-weekly snow conditions trip reports, along with some killer photos, and of course lots of video clips. You will always know what it’s really like out on the hill.

Weather-wise, WeatherGuy will be posting again in a couple of weeks and our what to expect on the hill weather will be posted each evening. The main weather page will continue to feature lots paid for weather images to which the public does not have access too.

On Thursday we are installing a 12-foot pole and a new 4k Webcam for the Accumulation Cam at the 8200-foot level. Can’t wait to see what snowfall looks like on a 1080 live feed.

There is also a new forum here on the website, it’s on a 90-day test run to see if it will be a place people want to use to chat and get information about Mammoth.

Last but not least if you love the content we post and all we do, please consider supporting our efforts and Help Keep Independent Journalism Alive, learn more at this link.


First Dusting and Snowmaking Photos - 10-23-22