Mammoth Mountain Weather Update - 10-30-2022

October 30th, 2022 @ 1:22 PM – Two more days of tranquil weather conditions, and then expect clouds, winds, and snow showers in the area Tuesday into Thursday. All of this change is being created by the next strong inside slider dropping right down to the east of Mammoth Mountain and the Eastern Sierra.

Temperatures will take a 20-30 degree drop by Wednesday creating some epic snowmaking conditions. Winds will start to increase on Monday and then by Tuesday into Tuesday night ridge-top winds will be in the 80-100 MPH range with strong wind gusts mountain-wide into early Wednesday.

Snowfall Amounts from Tuesday into Thursday are in the 2-6 inch range for the Main Lodge area. Late Tuesday afternoon into the evening will be the time when there could possibly be a moderate accumulation of snow on the Mountain and down into Mammoth Lakes.

Then once the front passes Tuesday night you can expect light and dry snow showers into possibly Thursday. Snowfall rations will start out in the 8-1 range and then behind the front will fall to 15-1 and then 20-1 by Thursday.

The Snowmakers are going to have a great run and could possibly go nonstop on parts of the hill from Tuesday night into early Saturday. With a good run like this, there is a great chance that there will be more than just Broadway open on the 11th.

After this first system, the long-range outlook has a second wave of cold air and snow. That one looks like it could be the start of a long stretch of snow-showery weather with lots of inches of snow falling over about a week.

With a pattern line that the Snowmakers would be able to get a bunch of additional terrain opens quickly. Of course, right now anything beyond a week is a bit suspect as is always the case.


Here is a shot from the EPS. You can see the strong inside slider coming down and where it is relative to Mammoth Mountain.

Cold Temperatures will get the Snowmaking cranking at Full Efforts.

The forecasted Snowfall for this week from the EPS…

The Forecasted Snowfall amounts for this week from the GEFS Ensemble Model.