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November 13th, 2022 @ 7 AM – Good morning everyone, I hope you’re enjoying the early winter. Mammoth Mountain and Mammoth Lakes are a total winter wonderland. Going to be a fantastic White Thanksgiving for those of your coming up for the holiday.

Currently, out on Mammoth Mountain, you will find mostly cloudy skies with ground fog from Main Lodge to the top of the mountain. Up top, the temperature is 6 degrees with an NW wind of 54 gusting to 64 MPH.

Down at Main Lodge, the temperature is 15 with a NE wind of 1 MPH with gusts to 5 MPH. I would advise everyone heading out today to have face protection, not only is it cold the wind is blowing upslope in your face when you ski down the hill.

For today expect Chairs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 16, and 17 with Gondolas 1 and 2 and the Village Gondola. The Canyon parking area is open with limited services at the Lodge and no food service. Also to note the Mill is closed.

The snow surface right now is amazing right is an awesome packed powder on the groomer with a very fun softer wind-buff surface to ride on or off the groomed. Been a ton of people out so all that new snow has now been packed out. 

Mammoth Mountain Weather: If you’re going to be out on Mammoth Mountain today expect a mix of cloudy to pt cloudy skies with moderate to strong NE winds over the mid-mountain up to the top.

Winds over those elevations will be in the 25-35 MPH range with gusts over the higher elevation at 55-66 MPH. Morning lows at the first chair will be in the upper teens with mid-day high in the low to mid-20s. Feels more like mid-winter than mid Fall out there.

To get our full forecast and the powder outlook use this link to our Mammoth Weather Center.

Road Conditions: Roads are clear at this time, watch for patches of snow and ice in Mammoth Lakes and on the way up to the ski lodges.

The Top is Open via G2 with a Groomed out Cornice - Mammoth Mountain MC Coy Station Webcam
The Top is Open via G2 with a Groomed out Cornice – Mammoth Mountain MC Coy Station Webcam

Here is some more information for you this Sunday morning…

Snowman Photo Shots: Here is a link to the photos from the last couple of days.

The Base: Taking a look at the base out on the hill the first half of the last storm that went thru was all heavy wet base snow with the snow level starting at 10,000 and slowly making it down two Little Eagle Lodge.

While the mountain did get tons of snow the last 2-3 feet that fell was light and dry powder snow. Great for face shots but that snow will really pack down a lot.

I would expect once all this snow packs out there will be a 2-3 foot base around Main, a 3-4 foot base up top, and 1-3 feet at Little Eagle and Canyon Lodges.

Snowmaking: The guns are back on now that crews have cleaned up from this week’s snowfall. Looks like they are focusing on the Unbound and high-traffic areas to seal in the snowpack for this weekend.

The forecast for making snow looks great over the next week with 2 cold inside slider weather systems bringing in lots of cold air. Going to feel more like December out there so tons of snow can be made over the next week.

Canyon Lodge: Will be open through today with very limited services, chairs 16 and 17 are spinning.

Expect some limited service and lifts to run at Canyon next weekend and over the Holiday. There are rumors floating they may open Canyon for the season early. Let’s hope they go for it with all this snow and the strong demand to access it.

Thanksgiving Outlook: All this snow is likely to change what they will run for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Based on what has run in the past 10 years here is what we can assume will run at this point. Chairs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 17, 21, G1, and G2, and the Village Gondola

Other things to do: Ungroomed Cross Country Skiing up in the Mammoth Lakes Basin and out at Shady Rest. Plenty of snow for sledding runs, I recommend helmets on when sledding.

Snowshoeing is also the bomb right now with all this light and dry snow and the cold air that is locked into the area.

Scenic Rides to the top are back, take a ride up get a selfie at the sign and check out the interpretive center and the epic views from within.

Website News: Added a new forum here on the website, it’s on a 90-day test run to see if it will be a place people want to use to chat and get information about Mammoth Mountain. For those off Social Media this a friendly place to chat and ask questions.


Mammoth Mountain Photo Snow Report 11-11-22