Mammoth Mountain Video Snow Report

12-22-22 @ 7:54 AM – Wednesday’s ski session was a wonderful one with the entire mountain packed out in mid-winter snow conditions. The SW winds the last several days really helped to buff a lot of the terrain out. You can pretty much ski and ride anyplace you want now with most of the surface area in great shape.

The Faces of 3 and 5 are a mix of flat areas and small to moderate size moguls, with a snow surface being a nice carve-able winter pack, not too firm and not too soft.

Up Top, it’s pick and choose your line with a mix of wind buff, bumps, and some rough spots that have firmed up now. Cornice and Scotties are groomed to perfection with both those runs offering the best turns of the lift and right sides. Over on Dave’s the really flat wind buff has turned to a mix of flat with some bumps added to the mix.

Down on the Groomers, you find some really good winter-packed powder, the corduroy on Wednesday was a bit softer and turned sugary fast as there are more people out early moving the groomed snow around.

I skied from the Chair 9 area over to Main and off the top and it was all great snow conditions.

What to expect over the few days: with the temperatures warming up into the 40s this weekend all the snow should loosen up nicely by the mid-day, especially up top. Conditions will be sweet with a softer mid-winter snow surface by mid-morning.

I did get 78 video clips that I am going to start the editing process on this morning, should have a new video snow report up late today if these clips are decent.

Still learning the new camcorder but making good progress, fun stuff for sure.

Ski Ya Later Snowman…

Daves - 12-19-22
Daves – 12-19-22