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January 10th, 2022 @ 8:15 AM Update Good morning Mammoth Mountain has picked up 52 inches of new heavy wet snow from the current storm cycle. As of sunrise, the snowfall comes all the way to near the bottom of the Sherwin grade with heavy rain falling down in Bishop at this time.

Area Roads: 395 remains closed from Bishop to Bridgeport in both the north and south directions. However, there is confusion around the road as the cal trans webpage says closed but the quick app says the road opened at 5:30 AM. Until I hear otherwise I would assume the road is CLOSED.

The streets in Mammoth Lakes are a total mess as the town is unable to keep up with the excessive heavy wet snowfall. Many side roads are unplowed and are not even passable. Looks like a good day to not drive in what are now R3 conditions in town. R3 means even a 4 x4 needs chains, ya it’s that nasty out there.

My advice is to wait until Wednesday to drive to or even in the town of Mammoth Lakes. 395 could be closed all day, avoid waiting in Bishop and then the long 2-3 hour drive from Bishop to Mammoth Lakes when the road opens under escort only.

Not trying to be over the top here folks, it’s just that bad right now. Also, note that down in the Owens Valley, they have pouring heavy rainfall with flooding on parts of the 395 in Bishop.

Mammoth Mountain Weather:  Currently, there is heavy snowfall out on the hill with 2-3 inches per hour snowfall rates since 6 AM.

The temperature up top is 18 with an SW wind @ 60 MPH with gusts to 85 MPH at times. Down at Main Lodge, the temperature is 25 with winds at the top of Chair 1 from 28 MPH gusting to 55 MPH. Down at Canyon, the temperature is 25 with winds at the Top of the Chair 16 gusting to 88 MPH at times.

Out on Mammoth Mountain, today expect moderate to heavy snowfall through the mid-morning hours. Once this intense band move through the snowfall will become showery and light for several hours. Winds will be SW in the 20-30 MPH range with gusts in the 60-90 MPH range on the mid and upper mountain with temperatures in the mid-20s.

Use this link to get our full Mammoth Mountain Weather Discussion and the Long Range Outlook that was updated at 8:43 AM.

Dumping in Mammoth Lakes - Photo Scott St John
R2 in Mammoth Lakes – Chain Up or have 4 x4 with Snow Tires – Photo Scott St John

Mammoth Mountain Snow Report & Conditions: Due to the excessive heavy wet snowfall and unsafe travel in the area the entire mountain is closed for the day.

Once the storm clears on Wednesday expect the mountain & road crews to need at least a couple of days to get everything back up and running.

No need to hurry up here there will not be a big Wednesday Blue Bird Powder day… Thursday and Friday will be the mountain’s come-back days with more snow expected by Friday now.

Get the full Mammoth Mountain Snow Report from the Snowman at this link.

Travel Alert…>>> Remove the Snow from your Car Please… You can get a ticket for leaving snow on the roof of your car, it’s a hazard when it flies off. The heavy sierra cement snow can break out car windows behind you when it shed off.


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Mammoth Snowman Photos 1-6-23

Was hoping to get a ton more photos today, but I only had the morning hours and with not much open I just skied Lincoln. I will be back out on Friday and will be skiing out of Main so I can get better images of the top. Click any of the images below and the viewer will pop up. Snowman

To see all of this week’s snow photos use this link.

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