West Bishop Foothills near Bir Rd: There is a vast network of OHV routes, dirt roads, double tracks, and single-track trails in the foothills outside of West Bishop. This ridable network extends all the way over to Pine Creek by Round Valley and down to Wilkerson, where the Rawson Creek Route comes out.

The maze of trails can be a bit confusing at first, but every route leads to a most enjoyable mountain bike ride. The foothills in the area generally have a rise of 600 – 1000 feet, with the base elevation at 4300 feet and the top elevation at 5150 feet.

To keep this area open to the public, please stay on established roads and OHV trails in this area. Pack out what you pack in. Please dismount your bike for hikers, runners, and walkers and say hello. If you can, take some time and stop and move aside any trail obstacles you find as you ride.

Beware: Beware of Gopher and rattlesnakes in this area. While an encounter is rare, they are out there. I have ridden these foothills and rocky canyons for four years, adding up to several hundred rides, and have only seen 2 Gopher Snakes and one small Rattler in the Spring of 2023.

Directions: Take Barlow Lane to the Junction of Bir Rd. The first unmarked trailhead is 150 years up Bir Road to the left.

Stats: Length estimated 50+ Miles, 600-1000+ Vertical Feet, Moto Cross / Single Track & OHV Dirt Roads, Intermediate to Expert Technicality, Moderate to Hard Effort

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