Mountain Biking Lower Rock Creek Canyon Trail

This Trail is an old classic for Mountain Bikers. The route is 8 miles long, with the top half running through a lush forested creek with many full-grown Aspen Trees added to the creek side.

The lower half runs you into a more high desert terrain as you leave the forest near the start of lower section 3.

The ride down the canyon is 8 miles long, and there are three different sections of the trail you ride. All of those sections are single-track trails. The top 2 sections contain intermediate downhill and climbing action with nice flowing turns.

The dirt is mostly firm, with just a few soft sections. You do have to watch out for the creek in section 2, as there are two turns where it’s easy to go into the water if you’re not careful.

Section 3, the lower section, is a ton of fun, but there will be many hike-a-bike moments for many riders. This is also the longest section at over 4.5 miles long. We advise advanced and expert riders only in the lower section 3.

If you want to do this ride as a loop, park at Paradise and then ride up the 1850+ vertical feet to the start. Most people like to warm up on the first section of the paved road and take in the killer views, then ride up the single trail on the upper two sections. No matter what, it’s a good workout with the added fact that you’re riding above the 5000-foot level in elevation.

This is a shared-use trail, so you must watch for hikers, dogs, and downhill mountain bike bombers. You will also encounter people using this trail for their fishing adventure, so watch out for fishing poles and hooks.

Directions: You can park at the trailhead at the top, bottom, or mid-canyon. Many people will do their own shuttle to the top, leaving a car at Toms Place.

E-MTBs: Lower Rock Creek Trail is a USFS non-motorized trail, so E-Bikes are prohibited and can be ticketed.

Stats & Details: Trail Length 7.9 miles Out and Back, 6000-4500′ elevation, 98% single track, Hard effort uphill, Intermediate downhill top two sections with advanced to expert for the lowest section of Trail. There is a road crossing at the end of each of the three sections.

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