February 28th, 2024 @ 8:30 AM – Good morning; you will find mostly clear skies over Mammoth Mountain and across the Eastern Sierra at this time. This is the calm before the next big storm hits Thursday night into Saturday evening.

Currently, out on the hill, there are clear skies with a temperature of 34 at the Main Lodge with winds at the top of Chair 1 out of the SW at 44-48 MPH. Up Top, the temperature is 18 with an SSW wind at 29 mph, gusting to 31 mph.

At the Snow Study Site (9000 Feet), the base is now 83 inches, with 25 inches of seasonal precipitation. The base up Top is an estimated 120-140+ inches. The monthly snowfall total is 134 inches, with the seasonal snowfall total at 230 inches. All of that precipitation adds up to 85% of the average on Mammoth Pass for this date over the years.

Travel & Road Forecast: All roads are open and clear with no restrictions. Watch for icy spots, especially on side streets and parking lots. For anyone planning on traveling to Mammoth this upcoming Friday and Saturday, be ready for some difficult driving conditions.

The 395 travel forecast this morning is showing moderate to heavy snow with strong cross winds on 395. That set up will create blizzard conditions at times from the top of the Sherwin Grade to Mammoth Lakes Friday into mid day on Saturday. Snow levels look to drop down to the bottom of the Sherwin grade early on Saturday. 

My advice is to avoid traveling to the area Friday through Saturday. If you want to check out the 395 and 203 webcams in one place, check out our road conditions page at this link.

Mammoth Mountain Weather Forecast

If you’re heading to the hill on today, expect mostly clear skies early, with increasing clouds later in the day. Temperatures will climb into the mid to upper 30s. Winds will be out of the SW at 15-25 MPH with gusts to 35-45 MPH by the afternoon hours.

By Thursday, the next strong low-pressure system will be moving into the area, with gusty winds expected. Mid-day temperatures will be in the low to mid-30s with SW winds at 20-30 MPH with gusts to 45-60 MPH at times. 

It looks like a decent wind-buff day could be in the making. Snow showers could develop later in the day with 4-8 inches expected Thursday night.

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NBM Snowfall Forecast for Mammoth Mountain
NBM Snowfall Forecast for Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth Mountain Snow Report from the Snowman

2-28-24 @ 8 AM  – Great times out on Mammoth Mountain with all the new snow that has fallen during February. Snow conditions are firming up as the snowpack has consolidated down to a firmer surface over the last several days.

For those of you who will be out on the hill the next couple of days, the groomers should be in great shape. As the temperatures warm up into the 30s along with the higher sun angle, the snow surface should loosen up into a nice packed powder surface. You will find the best groomer’s runs from Canyon Lodge over the chair 12 area.

Off the groomed, there is a mix of flat and bumpy sections out on the hill with a nice wind-buffed packed powder surface. Once the wind picks up again later today, the sugar snow should be blowing around again, creating some really fantastic conditions.

If you plan to be out on the hill this Friday and Saturday, do expect limited operations, with most of the lifts expected to be on weather hold on Friday and Saturday.

As it stands now, the forecast has the mountain clearing by mid day on Sunday with an Epic Bluebird Powder Day in the offering.

More Powder on the Way! - Photo from John H.
More Powder on the Way! – Photo from John H.

A Few February Photos from the Snowman and Friends

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