Restaurant Advertising Coop for Mammoth and Bishop

The Ikon Pass Ad runs during the Fall and Spring each year.Hello, my name is Steve Taylor the Snowman. I have been working with a few select Mammoth Businesses for over ten years, sending them new and repeat customers via this website.

Starting Fall of 2023, we have a new offer for restaurants to make our advertising more affordable.

Starting in December, we are launching an Ad Coop for Restaurants and Beverage establishments from Mammoth Lakes to Bishop.

This ad coop program is simple; each Business that decides to join will get a Coupon or Offer Ad. We take care of the Artwork and help to create an effective written description of the offer.

Each Business’s offer will then be placed on a group landing page at The plan is to drive travelers and locals to the landing page with our Coop Ads.

Below are the places where the Coop Ad will start running.

#1 250,000 Yearly Unique IP Addresses (Monthly Value $399)
#2 Mammoth Snowman Private Group 17,000 Members  (Monthly Value $300)
#3 Google Paid Search Ads  (Monthly Value $350)
#4 Facebook Page with a reach of 500,000  (Monthly Value $500)
#5 Facebook Local Traveler Ad  (Monthly Value $350)
#6 Mammoth Snowman Email Newsletter (Monthly Value $300) 

The bottom line is the Mammoth Snowman Coop Advertising Opportunity is an effective advertising program that teams up a group of 10-15 local businesses. The marketing of the Landing Page will be done by Snowman Steve Taylor, who has over 20 years of digital marketing experience.

We have successfully advertised Mammoth Businesses online for 20 years. People Know Us and Support the Businesses that keep our content alive. That means more customers and cash flow coming in your door year-round for You and your Business.

The terms are simple: The cost for the Co-Op is $225 a Month. There are NO long-term contracts; we do ask that you commit to at least 90 days.

Your advertising offer can be changed with the change of seasons or if it’s not performing effectively. Billing is run automatically each month for as long as you want to run your ad.

Once we get your first payment and decide on what Offer or Branding ad to run, it takes around 48-72 hours to get your Artwork done and for your Ad to go ad live.

When you join the Mammoth Snowman Coop Advertising Group you get.

#1 Effective & Trackable Advertising
#2 Get New & Repeat Customers
#3 The Power of Exclusive Group Advertising

If you’re ready to get started here is the purchase now button, once your payment goes through I will call you back within 24 to 48 hours.

Restaurant Coop Advertising Group – Mammoth to Bishop
$235.00/month until cancelled

Call, Text, or Email Steve Taylor the Snowman, at 760-709-1351. 

e-mail address – for more information.

Please note I am out gathering fresh content a lot, so if you get my voice mail just leave a message and I will call You back ASAP.

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