MC Gee Creek Fishing Adventure

McGee Creek is located just 3 miles north of Crowley lake on hey 395.  There are two sections of the creek to access, above 395 and below. 

For now, we will cover the lower section of the creek as it runs from 395 down to Crowley Lake. The creek is more of a narrow waterway as it crosses 395 near the parking lot you will be using.

As the creek makes its way from the parking area down to Crowley Lake it widens over the three-plus mile journey. This area is a dream come true for a few short weeks every spring.

Fishing MC Gee Creek from the lake back to your car requires at least 6+ hours. Plan on hiking about 6-7 miles as well. So this area is for the diehard.

You must bring supplies, sunscreen, food, and water.  Your best bet is to walk the creek all the way down to the lake and then fish your way back up.

Be beware if you stray away from the creek, this area is cattle grazing land and is also hindered by lots and lots of mud bogs.

If you’re going to try out this body of water, call a local fishing guide to take you there for the best results.