Broadcast Footage & Video Services for the Media

Now you can feature the Eastern High Sierra by teaming up with us.  Our media services are unique and will meet your TV station’s custom needs.  Video Content can be instantly delivered to you in broadcast quality without using a satellite system.

We offer You!

Custom Stringer Feeds
Storm Feeds
Major News
Head Shots with your Gear and Mic Flags
SD Stock Footage
HD Stock Footage

Paparazzi Service

Mobil Production Unit (Fall 2021)

We can do Custom News reports from Mammoth Lakes, Mammoth Mountain, or anywhere here in the Eastern High Sierra.  You can even send us your station gear with logos and mike flags. We will use them in custom head shot reports.

In times of major news stories, Steve Taylor is available for cell phone interviews or live interviews if your production van comes to town.

If your a newsroom in need of a custom news story or just stringer feed we can meet your needs TODAY. 

We Deliver All Video via FTP or Your Upload Site of Choice

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