Mountain Biking at Chipmunk Canyon near Bishop, California

Chipmunk Canyon is located just outside of Bishop California in the Eastern Sierra Region of California. The trail’s here are all on DWP land and are all unofficial.

Over the years locals in the area have created their own network of trails to ride. Nothing is marked and when you first go out you will find an endless maze of single-track trails.

If you want to see the trails in this area you can use the Strava App of Google Maps. Not promoting those services but they do give you a view of the area and the funky names the locals have given the trails.

The terrain and trails here go up 800+ vertical feet, you will find some sweet climbing, fun flowing downhills, and some great cross country riding. There are also some more extreme downhill trails hidden out in the trail network.

To find this area head down Barlow Lane where it intersects with Bir Hill. To get to Barlow from 395 head of West Line to about 2 Miles and the second light you come to is Barlow.

Take a left turn and drive down about 2 more miles and you will hit the intersect.  Park off the side of the road at this point. To find the trails ride up Bir Hill and 1/4 mile up you will see the first single track entrance on the left.

Check out some video clips from Chipmunk Canyon

Chipmunk Canyon near Bishop, California
Chipmunk Canyon near Bishop, California