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Mountain Biking in Mammoth Lakes will bring you a great Summer to mid-Fall Adventure.

Access to rideable terrain starts in the lower elevations of town in May during most years.  By June the snow line moves up. Way up above the 9000-foot  level and then all the snow melts off in July.

The beauty of biking in Mammoth is you will have access to both the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park and Inyo National Forest Road and Trail System.

Between the two you will have miles and miles of terrain to ride. Up here you get everything from death-defying downhills to mellow cross country routes for the whole family.

There are also a couple of hundred miles of dirt roads to ride that are great for gravel bikes.

Some of my favorites trails to ride during the high country bike season our, uptown/downtown, mountain view, shady rest to the town viewpoint, paper route, rock creek trail, and many more.

Snowman is not into the steep downhill trails but there are many in the bike park.

The Mammoth Lakes Basin does not offer much dirt to ride. It’s worth it to park in town and ride the pathed path up to horseshoe lake and then on your way back to town link up with Mammoth Rock Trail for some really fun controlled downhill trail action.

By controlled I mean slow down there are a ton of hikers and horses at times. At the bottom, you can take the Sherwin Creek dirt road back into town.

Sherwin Creek Road is also a fun ride with some off shot roads you can explore. It runs for several miles on a slight downhill grade.

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Mountain Biking Information - Mammoth Lakes
Mountain Biking Information – Mammoth Lakes