Snowman on October 22nd, 2004 – Day #2 of that Ski Season in P3

Mammoth Mountain Opening Day for the 2015-2016 winter season is now set for November 9th, 2015.

If the ski area gets 2-3 feet of snow before that date the opening date could come early.

So what can you expect on opening day this season or any season for that matter?

About half of the openers we have 3 runs open for you enjoyment. Those runs include Broadway, and nice path thru the Unbound with some early season features set up and if we get lucky Andy’s Double Gold for some steeper skiing and snowboarding.

Some of the opener’s we get lucky and have several feet of reel snowfall added into the snowmaking.

That happened the last two years when we got a few feet of very heavy wet base snow. Last Fall on Opening Day Snowman’s first run was fresh powder down Cornice Bowl.

About 5 years ago we did open for a weekend in mid October and then closed again and back in 2004 you could ski off the top via chair 23 starting on October 22nd.

Back in 1994 it snowed 3 feet on the last night of September and Mammoth Mountain opened that year on October 8th and stayed open from that point on. If you want a list of Mammoth Mountains opening day’s from the past, here is the list we have complied.

One of the fun parts of opening day is the people who spend the night in line so they can get first chair. One of the video’s above shows people camping out at the front of chair 1 with tents.

Mammoth Mountain does a great job with the whole opening day deal making it into 4 day weekend party this season.