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Mammoth Mountain Snow Report from the Snowman

Feb 12, 2022

2-12-22 Saturday 9 AM – Here is my Trip Report / Snow Report from Fridays Adventure on Mammoth Mountain

Skied for 4 hours on Friday, the snow was a ton of fun. Got some great turns in on corduroy-packed powder, wind buff hardpack, and spring slush over on chair 9.

A light NE wind flow continues over the hill at this time. That flow is helping to keep the snow in mid-winter snowpack on the upper 2/3 of the hill.

The lower 1/3 has a mix of winter and spring conditions now. I would avoid the lower third of the hill during the early morning hours to avoid skiing and riding on ice.

Up top, the base is a firm pack with a mix of boilerplate, hard wind buff, and some groomed-out fun on Cornice Bowl and Scotties. Let’s look a bit deeper into what I got to ski on Friday.

Cornice Bowl – Been having a blast doing laps on the Cornice Bowl. The snow in here is groomed to a nice flat and fast firm pack with some softer duff on top.

The left side is groomed out wide and offers the best turns as that side gets the most sunshine.

Kinda cool that you can just bomb down Cornice and it links perfectly up with Upper St Anton.

Do watch for the big rock at the very top of Cornice Bowl entrance, almost caught me and I did see others hit it and lose a ski.

Looking Down from the Top of Cornice Bowl
Looking Down from the Top of Cornice Bowl

Scotties – Great snow in here, I did several chair 1 to chair 23 to Scottie’s laps with St Anton being the run out back to 1.

The snow was a very nice carvable chalky firm pack. Skiers left was really fun with a week’s worth of carved-up duff that has settled to the side. Fun stuff on Scotties I could ski that run all day and be happy.


Drop Outs – Firm winter wind buff is what you will find here. With the temperatures up this week you could get a great edge in the snowpack and shoot roaster tails out about 20 feet.

Lower Drop Outs

Wipe Outs – Fast Flat and Carvable fun with major spray on every turn. The snow is firm but by mid-day, it’s good stuff for those with a killer edge. You need to enter from the top of Wipe Out 2 or Drop Out 1.

Monument and the Noids are a no-go since most of the base slide off those runs around Christmas.

I did not take the Gondola so no idea what Climax and Daves were really like. I did not see anybody on those runs when I looked up at them so that might be a clue.

If you’re skiing or riding the top do beware of the fact that if you fall on the hard pack it’s a long slide to the bottom.

The face of 3 – Center Bowl was all groomed out and a ton of fun on Friday. The rest of the face is a firm wind buff that loosens up enough to carve as the day warms up.

The Face of 5 – Hoping the Mountain crews will groom this face again. Right now it’s rock hard and would really be epic if the cat crew would give it some love again.

Solitude is wide open with a nice groom on it.


Chair 9 area – Snowman loves soft spring snow and you will find some of that over off the runs that get direct snow in the east bowl. QuickSilver and Haven’t the Foggiest get the best sun for spring fun. Back for More is also getting spring snow by 10 AM.


Chair 4 – I have been doing my warm-up runs over at around 9:45 in the morning, the snow has been in great shape with a machine-groomed firm pack with a softer groomed-out surface. Roller Coaster and Avalanche have been a blast.

Roller Coaster

Broadway – The snow has been just wonderful on Broadway, almost a full-on mid-winter packed powder and it’s all was empty. Crews took out the top of the slopestyle course so Broadway is back to being wide at the top again.

Unbound Park – All of the parks from Unbound Main over to Little Eagle is set up and maxed out with tons of features and large hits.