Fishing Mammoth Lakes & The Eastern Sierra

If you have never been fishing in the Mammoth Lakes and Eastern Sierra area, you are in for a treat. There are numerous opportunities for fishing: You can fish creekside, riversides, lakeside, from boats, or in floats.

The local area offers some of the most scenic and productive trout fishing in the USA. You will find DFG and Private Trout Farm Stocked Fish in the Area. Everything from Rainbows, to Browns, and Cut Throats.

At any time you are one cast away from the catch of a lifetime here in the Eastern Sierra

Want some ideas of where to start fishing near Mammoth Lakes?

Below are some more ideas about where to go fishing if you’re coming up for the first time. For the best fishing experience, I always recommend you find a local guide to take you out.

Crowley Lake is a mecca for fishing here in the Eastern Sierra. This body of water and its midge population allows for some fine trophy trout fishing.

My advice is if you have one day to fish while you’re in Mammoth, hire a guide to take you out on Crowley Lake. Here is a link to our Crowley Lake Information page.

The Mammoth Lakes Basin is located up Lake Mary Road and contains a handful of lakes you can drive to.

The lakes in the basin are: Lake George, Lake Mary, Twin Lakes, and Lake Mamie. Each of these bodies of water is stocked with fish often.

The Mammoth Lakes Basin is also home to two marinas and several national forest service campgrounds, and a general store. You can also get a cozy cabin at Tamarack Lodge or Crystal Crag Lodge.

Mammoth Creek is sure to provide a great fishing excursion. The creek runs from Twin Lakes all the way down to 395. There are lots of fishing holes on this creek. Many of those holes are very hard to get to so they see little if any traffic.

Check out a trip report I did on fishing Mammoth Creek a few years back, here is the link.

The Upper Owens River is an epic place to fish and camp. Just 3 miles north of Crowley Lake Drive you will see the Green Church. Turn right and head out about 3 miles and you will see the river and Browns Town’s campground.

Be careful regulations for fishing vary all over the river, make sure to slow down and read the signs by the creek.

Convict Lake & Creek is home to some monster trout. This lake is surrounded by massive peaks that will make you break out the camera. The lake is a very deep body of water that can produce some monsters.

The creek will provide you with hours of fun fishing for stockers. Click here for the Convict Lake Resort and Marina Website.

The June Lake Loop area is a great place for many day trips or a whole summer vacation of fishing fun. Here is the link to learn more about the loop.

McGee Creek is located just over 3 miles north of the Crowley Lake turn-off. Look for a grove of aspens and a dirt parking area that can handle 30 cars or so.

This is a great place to fish, but you’re going to need a lot of time, food, and water to do it right. Learn more about Mc Gee Creek here.

Mc Gee Creek 2007 Fishing Adventure Video