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November 18th, 2023 – @ 10:43 AM – Good morning to You, 1-3 inches of additional snow fell over the last 24 hours. Slowly our Neverland called Mammoth Mountain is turning white again.

Currently, looking at your window-cast this morning, the mountain has a mix of overcast skies with some foggy conditions at the Main Lodge and MC Coy Station. At the Main Lodge, the temperature is 29, and winds are out of the SSW at 3 MPH with gusts to 17 MPH. Up Top at the 11,053-foot level, the temperature is 25, with an SSW wind at 47 MPH gusting to 54 MPH.

Area Road Conditions: 395 remains Open and Clear this morning. The Mammoth Lakes Basin Road is Closed and is expected to remain closed for the Winter. Tioga & Sonora Passes are closed and they too might be closed for the winter. Check out Snowman’s 395/203 Road Report and Webcam Page at this link.

Mammoth Mountain Snow Report: Broadway & Saddle Bowl are still the only runs open at this time. The snow surface has been a ton of fun with a machine groomed carvable packed out surface on top of the 12 inch man-made firm base. Do watch for obstacles as there are a few floaters on the hill.

For just 2 runs you can still have a ton of fun out carving up the snow. I do recommend you avoid weekends right now until more terrain is open, there are just to many people out on the 2 runs that are open.

New snowfall totals this week are in the 4-8 inch range with very low snow ratios. The snow was heavy base snow and some of it got rained on before it turned back to snow.

That’s a great start to the base we just need a good foot on top of that and some cold air now and the Mountain will be able to have dozen runs open for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

The next 24 hours of snowfall will decided what will and what will and what will not run later this week for the big Thanksgiving Holiday. As of this Saturday morning by next Thursday here is what Snowman expects to run, Lifts 1, 3, 6, 11 and Gondola 1.

Chair 2, 4 and the Mill are not even close to being a go right now, as it’s been too warm to blow much snow the last couple weeks. Down at Canyon Lodge there is only about an inch of snow, so parking and riding out on 17 is not an option for the Thanksgiving weekend this year.

My advice for those coming up to ski and ride next weekend is to be parked, booted up and in line by 8:15 AM. It will be crowded but you can get a bunch of laps in during the 1st hour or 2 before it’s to crazy.

This Thanksgiving will be a good time to think about a cross sporting trip. Ski/Snowboard Early and then Mountain Biking or Hiking below the 7500 levels after the slopes get crowded.

Happy Thanksgiving Week, Snowman

Video Player: Make sure to click on the gear settings tab and change the view to 4k for the best quality video.

Mammoth Mountain Weather Forecast: Cloudy Skies with light snow and ground fog is expected to continue through the day. There is a Snow Advisory for later today into to tonight when the colder and more intense part of the COL off the coast moves inland.

The movement of the COL could bring an additional 3-5 inches of snow to the lower slopes of Mammoth Mountain with 5-10 inches of snow possible from Main Lodge to the top by Sunday Morning. If we get lucky and get under some deep convention tonight the snowfall totals could go up into the 12-18 inch range above the 9500 foot level.

If you plan to be out skiing and riding the next few days, expect clearing skies on Sunday with clear skies Monday into Wednesday.

Mid-day highs to be in the low to mid 30s into Sunday with mid 30s on Monday and then warming into the 40s on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Nighttime lows will be in the mid to upper 20s and winds will be out of the southwest at 20-30 MPH with gusts in the 40-50 MPH range above MC Coy Station today and on Sunday.

>> Here is the link to our complete Mammoth Weather Forecast, the Snowmaking Outlook, and the Long Range Discussion.

Snowfall Forecast into Late Saturday Afternoon - Image Posted at 11:30 AM on 11-16-2023

Mammoth Mountain Photo Snow Report - 11-13-2023
Next Photo Update on Tuesday

Late Fall & Winter Activities

It’s a great time to get out with the cooler days and little snow pack on the ground yet below the 8500 level. Above that level, you will find 0-5 inches on the ground on local hiking and biking trails. Everything in the shade is snowy, with some icey patches mixed in. Also to note that in the Mammoth Lakes Basin, it’s all smoked due to pile burning.

For  Mountain Biking, Mammoth Rock Trail and Uptown / Downtown are in great shape. Lower Rock Creek Canyon Trail is also in great condition in all three sections. You can also ride down in Bishop in perfect 70-degree weather now. Check out our Mountain Bike Trail Report here.

The Fall Colors in the high country are done for the season. However, the Round Valley and Bishop areas have some charming colors to check out and should be around for the next couple of weeks.

For those planning on coming up this winter, while most of you will be coming up to spend all your free daylight hours on Mammoth Mountain, there are plenty of other things to do in the area during the winter months.

I know many people who want to come up but are not interested in skiing and snowboarding. Here are a few ideas of what else there is to do. 

** NO Snow Yet, But It Won’t Be Long Now. Let’s Pray for a White Thanksgiving in the High Country

Scenic Gondola Rides: Starting for the Winter Season Full Time on 11-18-23 – Riding to the top of Mammoth Mountain is a fantastic experience. The views are breathtaking as you ride up and beyond once you’re standing at the top.

Once you reach the top station, you will have a 360-degree view of the Eastern Sierra and the Sierra Nevada. You will also get a chance to get a picture of the famous Mammoth Mountain Sign at 11,000 feet.

There is also an interpretative center with more information about the Eastern Sierra, Mammoth Mountain, and the mountain peaks you can see from the 11,000-foot level. Here is the link to the scenic ride information page.

Snowmobiling: This is a blast just outside of Mammoth Lakes. However, the fun is dictated by how much snow we have. During years of average and above snowfall, the amount of riding you will find is fantastic.

If you’re new to the sport, you will want to take a 2-hour trip with Mammoth Mountain Snow Mobile Adventures, located out of the Main Lodge area. When there is ample snow, you can access miles and miles of riding on groomed-out service roads.

Cross-Country Skiing: There are some incredible options for Cross-Country skiing here in Mammoth Lakes and the Eastern High Sierra

The best cross-country skiing will always be up in the Mammoth Lakes Basin at the Tamarack Cross-Country Ski Center. As we get into winter, the snow levels and colder air move down into the lower elevations. That will give you many options for Cross-Country skiing beside the Tamarack Resort in the Mammoth Lakes Basin.

Sledding: The Snowman loves Sledding and snow play with the Family in Mammoth Lakes. On storm days when the hill is mainly shut down, Sledding can keep you and your kids occupied for hours.

I think almost nothing beats a couple of hours of sledding out on the hills around your yard, the town, or the mountains of the Eastern Sierra with the family. Grab the kids, the helmets, and a variety of sleds, and get ready for some major fun. Here is a link to learn some good locations for Sledding in Mammoth Lakes.

Ice Skating: There are several options for ice skating in the Eastern Sierra. The town of Mammoth Lakes runs a brand-new ice rink on Old Mammoth Road. The ice rink opens for the first time for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Hiking / Walking: Depending on the snow levels, you will find some fun hiking/walking options during the winter months.

First, during the drier seasons, the Mammoth Lakes town trail system is an excellent option for a walk. The paved trails that start by the Blue Park off of Old Mammoth Road are the best places to venture as they’re the most likely paths to be free of snow and ice.

The second option is the Lower Rock Creek Trail, about 10 miles south of Mammoth Lakes, just past Toms places if you’re heading south of 395. This trail holds ice and snow, so be prepared even if the terrain is snow-free.

Winter Mountain Biking: For the hearty soul who knows how to layer up for cold biking, there are a ton of trails to ride during the winter months, depending on what elevation the snow line is at.

Near Mammoth, when the snow line is above 7500 feet, there are tons of forest service roads you can ride. You will find all sorts of unmapped single-track trails to explore off these service roads.

Rock Creek Canyon is amazing for downhill action, using two cars to shuttle back up from the bottom. You can ride back up the trail or use the road if you cannot shuttle; watch for ice on the road as it’s in the shade most of the winter months.

The Bishop area also has many trails you can ride during winter, and the temperatures are more favorable than riding up in the high country. Check out our Eastern Sierra Mountain Bike Report for Current Trail Conditions and Where to Ride.

Winter Fishing: The Owens River and the Hot Creek area are open for fishing during the winter months. Yes, it’s cold, and your hands will get frozen, so be prepared. Fishing the Owens River out of Bishop is my call for winter fishing.

Rock Creek Canyon Snow Park:3 miles up from Toms Place, there is parking for access to snow play up in Rock Creek Canyon.

Mill Pond Park & Disc Golf: A great place to hang out just at the bottom of the Sherwin Grade. There is an entire 18-hole disc golf course to keep you busy for hours. Have you got Kids? The park has a playground for energy output.

Laws Rail Road Museum: I recommend everyone visiting the Eastern Sierra to experience this unique museum setting. You’ll find 11 acres of indoor and outdoor exhibits, including the original depot and steam locomotive, the Slim Princess. Experience what life was like over 100 years ago in Owens Valley. https://lawsmuseum.org/welcome-museum

Bishop City Park: Over the years, we have spent many hours at Bishop City Park enjoying the warmer climate and being out of the snow. This is a great place to have lunch and let the kids out to play without all the snow in Mammoth Lakes. You will see many Mammoth locals down here during the winter months trying to get a taste of winter below the snowline. 

Ski Ya Later, Snowman

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Snowman started blogging this information back in 1990 on the old Mammoth BBS system, then the RSN Forums and then on to MammothSnowman.com in 2004 with the Video & Photo Blog report. (No YouTube back then). Facebook got added to the fold back in 2008 and then the Facebook Group in 2016. 

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