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Footloose Sports – Got Ski Boot Pain?

10-12-2019 10:20 AM Saturday

Clear blue skies over the Eastern Sierra with the current NW wind flow.

Below normal lows are taking a bit of a toll on some of our Fall colors.

These cold overnight lows will be with us through next week before moderating.

Look for highs in Mammoth Lakes and on Mammoth Mountain into the mid to upper 50’s into next Friday.

Lows will be in the 20’s for this weekend and most of next week. 

Winds over the next few days will turn to the SW later Saturday into late Sunday with wind speeds over higher elevations at 20-40 MPH at times.

Down in town just expecting light winds 5-15 MPH out of the SW. 

If your out hiking, biking or fishing be prepared as temperatures overall are below the average you would except for mid-October. 

The Extended Outlook: That chance of some snow showers late next week is completely off the table.

For now, expect a reinforcing shot of cold air from a dry cold front that moves through the area Friday into Saturday.

Winds will pick up later in the week and at this point do not look strong enough for power outages.

Week two if we buy into the GFS is bringing us a ridge and warming temperatures into the 24th of this month.

Looking way out in the fantasy land outlook, the long-range EU model brings in a bit of snow and some cold air the week before the opener is scheduled at Mammoth Mountain.

Here are today’s weather images showing below normal temperatures for the next 7 days.

Next update will be midday on Monday… enjoy your weekend.

Sunday Morning GFS Forecast

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