Eastern Sierra and Mammoth Mountain Mountain Bike Report

Mountain Biking Report for September 23, 2021

View and Bench on the Manzenita Trail
View and Bench on the Manzanita Trail

Mountain Biking Report Thursday 9-23-2021: It’s off and on with riding up in the Mammoth area right now. It all depends on the wind and if it’s blowing smoke or good air our way.

For today into Friday, you can expect light haze in the area. Should be good for just about everyone to get out for a ride. 

By Saturday and Sunday, the winds change back to the SW to W and that will bring back the haze.

If next week’s weather system comes thru that should blow out all the smoke and haze with trails above 8500 having the possibility of that first dusting of snow on them. 

Keep checking in with us here at MammothSnowman.com if you’re planning a trip up. We will make sure you know what to expect before you make the drive up. 

For those of you that are coming up at some point before it snows here is a fun high country ride. If you’re in prime bike shape right now try a ride up the Mountain View Trail to Minaret Vista and then take the link into the Bike Park and venture up to Mc Coy station.

From there a ride down Break Thru to Seven Bridges is a ton of fun. It’s a long ride so make sure you have lots of food and water and layer up if you’re riding early in the morning.

This really is one of the best times of the year to ride in the high country and on Mammoth Mountain. The crowds are gone the mid-day air is cooler and the colors are starting their slow changeover. While the bike park lifts are closed the trails are open and you can get some really good XC rides in.

This is the time of year when you can start to ride out of the Bishop area during the morning hours. Snowman likes to ride in the Chipmunk Canyon area with the endless maze of trails you can ride. There is also a maze of trails just up Line St in the Buttermilk area. I have not done much riding there yet but will be during October.

If you need bike rentals or bike service, check out Footloose Sports, they have a full line of bike rentals still out and ready to go. Snowman out…

View from Chipmunk Canyon outside of Bishop
View from Chipmunk Canyon outside of Bishop

Mammoth Mountain Bike Park Map
Mammoth Mountain Bike Park Map

Last Ride out on Mammoth Mountain Before the Forest Closed Down 8-30-21

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