Eastern Sierra and Mammoth Mountain Mountain Bike Report

Eastern Sierra Mountain Biking Report

April 1st, 2023 @ 10 AM The Bishop area and down the Owens Valley are now prime for some epic mountain biking. All the rain and snow this season have moistened up the dirt and made for some great riding. Add in the green-up effect that’s starting on the Valley and it’s sure a great time to get out for a Mountain Bike ride.

The snow line in the valley on the North side is around 5500 feet and above 6500 feet on the White Mountainside. Above those elevations, there is a ton of snow that will take a long time to melt off. That includes the Lower Rock Creek Canyon Trail’s upper 2 sections that are still under 3-6+ feet of hard-packed snow.

You do need to be beware of some hazards due to the heavy rains over the last few weeks. Many of your favorite trails and dirt roads have some washed-out sections and erosion. Some of the Chipmunk Canyon trails have washouts right down the middle. Those washout areas sure make for some interesting technical riding for sure. Been having a blast out there every other day ripping through these rocky sections.

In Mono County and the Mammoth Lakes area right now there is a solid deep snow cover that is expected to take a long time to melt off. I don’t see any riding from Toms Place north until sometime in May. With areas above 7500-8500 feet taking well into the Summer to melt out. Above the 9000-foot level, I suspect there will be snow issues in spots right up until next Fall.

No Word on the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park yet. Based on the snowpack it will be July 4th before the lower Mountain trails are ready to ride if not longer. The Main Lodge Trails are expected to be covered in snow well into if not through the month of August.

I hope to see some of you out there riding around now that spring has sprung in Bishop. Feel free to email me with any questions you have about riding in the Bishop, Round Valley, and White Mountain areas.

Ride on Snowman… 🙂

Jacobs Outlook of Lower Chipmunk Canyon near Bishop, Ca.
3-30-23 – Jacobs Outlook of Lower Chipmunk Canyon near Bishop, Ca.