Footloose Sports Online Seasonal Rentals10-9-21 @ 2 PM Hello and thanks for stopping by Today’s window cast shows crystal clear blue skies with snow-covered mountains above 8000 feet.

Friday was one of those amazing early October Snow Days that makes you feel good if you love snow.

I made up to Main Lodge on Friday at 9:30 AM and there was moderate snow falling.

To be honest it was a bit shocking to see it snowing that hard. The first thing you do when you see dumpage like that is you break out the Go Pro and go for a Snow Day Walk. 

Had all my gear but had forgotten the ruler to get a real measurement of the snow. Looking at the footage once home it appears the amounts of snow that were stated might be underestimated. Yahoo more snow than I thought.

The snow that did fall yesterday started out really heavy, looked like it went from rain to slop and then to a 10 to 1 ratio snow as that main band of snowfall came thru.

While it’s not enough to ski on that snow will slowly melt into what was very dry ground and then freeze. That is step one in getting your snowmaking system to work better. Nothing worse than making snow on dry dirt.

Looking at the longer-range weather outlook there is a good chance that we might get a decent October storm in here after the 20th of the month. Who knows maybe we get blessed with some base snow that they can run early on. I know everyone could use some amazing positive news right now.

Whatever happens, we are in a much better place than a year ago. Feeling stoked right now about the snow on the ground and the white mountain peaks I can see from my desk this morning. It won’t be long till we can All meet again and make some turns.

For those of you looking for Fall Colors I did Rock Creek Canyon on Friday and it was amazing. Had a friend up in MC Gee Canyon yesterday and it was also looking amazing with the yellows leaves on white.

Ski Ya Later Snowman

PS: There are over 30 fresh photos posted down the page with more coming today.

The Mammoth Weather Forecast: Clear Skies into Sunday with a chance of snow showers Sunday night into Monday with much colder weather early next week, brrrrr. After that, Indian summer days and then a change around day 10.

I will be posting a full weather update later this afternoon after all the new data has come in.  If you’re just checking in here at we have a brand new detailed weather center.

Road Conditions: A bunch of roads have now closed due to the 3-6+ inches of snow that fell on Friday. The Mammoth Lakes Basin is closed, the Road to Reds Meadow is closed, Sonora Pass/State Route 108, Monitor Pass/State Route 89, and State Route 120 are also closed until they can clean up the mess.

Anyone looking to travel over the Sierra Nevada this week should plan accordingly. Caltrans will evaluate the roads for reopening today.

Time to get your Winter car kits updated and ready for the upcoming snow season. Practice putting your chains on now not when it’s snowing and dark on the side of the road.

Almost Daily Image from the Snowman & Friends

Fall Colors and Snow on Rock Creek Road - 10-8-2021
Fall Colors and Snow on Rock Creek Road - 10-8-2021

More Local Information

Fall Colors: Friday I did my Fall Color drive for the week and found Peaking Colors with fresh snow on the ground and falling.

Areas from 8000 feet up had a mix of peaking and just before peak colors. While the images of Friday were amazing the snow and cold air will mean a quick end for peaking leaves over the next few days. Get out there this weekend if you can to take it all in.

Early next week there will be a hard freeze for the high county and that will end the peak of the show.

Let’s hope the leaves that have not turned make it thru for the second round of color. I will keep you updated, looks like my next drives will be on Sunday afternoon and on Tuesday to see what’s up with the colors.

Mountain Biking: Boom and just like that we have snow on the ground. If you plan on riding make sure it’s below the 8200-foot level or be ready to ride thru the snow.

Not sure how much will melt or how the trails will ride with the amount of snow we got. Will have to wait a couple of days and then check out what the situation is in the high country.

In the lower elevations Rock Creek is sounding good for a Saturday afternoon ride, hope to see you out there for some mountain biking action.

For the full Mountain Bike Report and ideas of where to ride this Fall, use this link.

Hiking: **On hold in areas above 8500 feet due to 3-8 inches of snow now. Access to the Lake Basin is closed until they can clear the area roads of snow.** For those who are snow savy hikers get out there and enjoy.

Snow Shoeing in October: If you’re into snowshoeing I would head up to the Minaret Vista and shoe right out of the parking area by the Rangers Entrance Station or from the Vista Parking area. I would expect the snow to be good for shoes over the weekend before it packs and melts out too much.

Winter Operations: Mammoth Mountain is scheduled to open on Saturday, November 13th, 2021 at 8:30 AM.

However, if there is enough snow and cold air to make snow they can open early. It’s been a few years now since it happened so in my mind we are due for an early opener sooner than later.

For those who do plan to ski or ride a lot this season make sure you have an Ikon season pass. **Prices on passes go up to $100 on October 15th** Here is the link to learn more about the Ikon Season Pass. 

Snowmaking Watch: Crews have been out setting up the snowmaking guns around Main Lodge. There might be an open window with some cold air and base snow later this month.

Of course if any news comes in about snow making I will pass it on to right here at the website. If you would like to learn more about Mammoth Mountains Snowmaking System check out the page we set up with all you need to know.

Snowmaking Crews Using the Snow to Help Get Equipment Up the Hill Quickly. Snowmaking Crews Using the Snow to Help Get Equipment Up the Hill Quickly.[/caption

October 8th 2021 1st Snowfall Photos

These photos came from my Cannon and have not been in the editor yet. We wanted to get them up ASAP. Will post the final cut in a day or two.

Author – Steve Taylor – The Mammoth Snowman Over the last 30+ years, Snowman has spent countless hours studying and learning about Mammoth Mountain Weather and Snow Conditions first hand. He has been skiing around the hill with marked ski poles since March of 1991 so he can measure the fresh snowfall amounts out on the hill. 

Snowman started blogging this information back in 1990 on the old Mammoth BBS system, then the RSN Forums and then on to in 2004 with Video & Photo Blog report. (No YouTube back then). Facebook got added to the fold back in 2008 and then the Facebook Group in 2016. 

Reports, videos, and photos from the website have been featured on both local TV Stations here in Mammoth, along with AP, Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC News.

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