Mammoth Mountain Snow Report from the Snowman

6-7-22 – Season 2022 Recap – What a crazy season this was, I did our first Snow Report at Main Lodge on October 8th. That was such a fun morning with heavy snow falling for several hours with 8 inches of new snow.

The off-and-on snow continued at times over the next 3 weeks with the last week of the month bringing the October Bomb of Moisture. Most of it was rain on Mammoth Mountain but the ski area did open early on 10/30/21 with 1-3 feet of new firm base snow.

That snow groomed out great and was a ton of fun. We got a bonus foot the first week of November and then the 3-week dry cycle set in and the snowfall stopped and so did the snowmaking.

I remember seeing the charts of the 3 weeks of dry and was like o well time for some more Mountain Biking.

The thing was back at that point all the long-range models we look at had a big December forecasted with the rest of the season dry. So those 3 dry weeks was a bit of a nail-biter wondering how this would all pan out.

If you fast forward to December 5th the show was about to start with a 3+ week storm cycle now showing up in all the short-range and medium-range models.

Unforntuly for the Snowman that was the day I crashed out on my Mtn Bike. My helmet hit the ground so hard the helmet broke and so did my mind. While everyone’s season was just getting going I was all but done weeks.

Over the next 3 weeks, we saw major footage fall with a top 5 snowfall month on the record chart. That snowfall would end up being the base that saved the season.

As we all know after that amazing December the snow cut off for almost 3 months. However, the temperatures stayed just right and the grooming crew went off.

If you like groomers top to bottom and you had some carving gear you were set for some major fun.

I know that when I came back in late January the snow was marvelous and the few days I was able to ski this season were wonderful right into mid-May.

The endless dry cycle showed some signs of turning the dry tide to dumpage for March but the La Nina did not fade so the hopes for a Marcle Miracle died quickly.

What did happen in March was the start of the Spring of endless Inside Sliders. Those sliders are still affecting our weather and are what caused the cloudy closing day out on the hill.

Overall while this was one of the drier seasons on record the quality of snow was fantastic. Being able to make some turns in October was a dream come true.

I want to thank all the people who turned in images and texted me real reports of snow conditions when I was down this season. The head injury really messed me up for months along with some other health issues I won’t bore you with. Hoping soon to be 100% recovered and ready to go for the big 2022 -2023 Winter Season on Mammoth Mountain. Below are some of the videos that came out over the 2021-2022 season. Check out our photos via the media tab above for all of this season’s photo snow reports. Ski Ya Snowman PS: There will be updates here on the website all Summer and Fall long, check out the What to Do Report, our Weather Report, and the Mountain Bike Report page. Each week there will also be a new photo album from the area along with some fresh videos.

Memorial Day Weekend - Photo's from Jon G

Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrol
Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrol