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Saturday, March 25th @ 5:51 AM – Good morning, bluebird conditions with just pt cloudy skies are expected today into Monday.

Friday was a dig-out and truck snow day on Mammoth Mountain and down in Mammoth Lakes. Never seen so many dump trucks hauling snow to the 2 snow pits in town.

Up at the ski area, the last round of snow buried a lot of the lifts again. What’s going on now is the snowpack is so high that all lifts are now below the snowline, so every time it snows they need to bring in the snow cats to get each lift opened.

There is so much snow now that you have to ski down to load the lifts. Makes for an interesting line with people trying not to ski or slip into each other.

I took over 100 photos of Friday and got some video clips and will post the good stuff up later this afternoon after I have time to edit that content.

Mammoth Mountain Weather:  Up top, the wind direction is out of the SW at 15 MPH gusting up to 18 MPH with a temperature of 4. Down at the Main Lodge, the temperature is 11 degrees with an SW wind at 10 to 35 MPH at times.

If you’re going to be out on Mammoth Mountain today into Sunday expect mostly clear skies. Temperatures will start out cold in the teens and then come up into the mid to upper 20s by mid-day. Winds will be SW 15-25 with gusts in the 35-45+ MPH.

Road Conditions: If you plan on traveling up to Mammoth Lakes the roads are in great shape all the way up 395. 395 is closed at Mono Lake both North and South for at least 2 more weeks if not longer. However, they are doing daily escorts on that section of 395 at 7:30 AM and 5 PM Daily.

In Mammoth Lakes roads are R1 with many narrow streets so please slow down. So you can get thru at those times but do expect a big line of cars and trucks. The Mammoth Scenic Loop, Benton Crossing Road, and Rock Creek Road are closed until further notice. 

Snow Surface Conditions: You will find a nice mid-winter-packed powder on the runs that have been groomed. Cat crews are a bit behind on grooming the max amount of runs as they are spending their time digging out the loading and unloading areas of all the lifts. There should be a lot more groomed out for today and then again for Sunday and Monday.

Off the groomers, it was an adventure on Friday with Powder, Soft Wind Buff riffs, and some wind-blown puzzle pieces to navigate thru. The top was open via G2 with chair 23 expected to run by mid-morning today and into Monday. So much snow now that MJB and Varmints Nest are wide open with Hangman’s as wide as I have ever seen them. For those who like the very steep top of the world is all filled to the max now.

With all the snow on the ground, Mammoth Mountain announced on Tuesday that they plan to run for winter sports at the Main Lodge through at least the month of July. If there happens to be a cooler summer they plan to run longer and hopefully beat the closing day record set in 1995 on August 14th.

Mammoth Mouintain Photo from March 24th, 2023 from the Snowman
Mammoth Mouintain Photo from March 24th, 2023 from the Snowman

Town Winter Update: A ton of out-of-town resources are now in the area widing streets, shoveling roofs, and clearing propane tanks. Expect the snow removal recovery process to take a couple more weeks and then travel in town will resume to more normal.

Also of note, when you’re checking into your lodging property and notice any structural damage, please report it to the lodging manager and call 911 right away.

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Ski ya Later, Snowman…

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