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Tuesday, April 18th, 2023 @ 2 PM – Good afternoon, it’s been a cold snow showery day in the high country above 8000 feet. The mid elevations are a mix of pt cloudy skies along with cool temperatures and windy conditions. Once you’re down below Tom Places temperatures are perfect for an outdoor spring adventure.

Today’s snow showers are curiosity of a low pressure dropping in from the North, this system will be moving to our east on Wednesday with a ridge of high presure moving into the lows place by Thursday into the weekend.

That pattern will result in some very nice spring weather with warmer temperatures and calm winds for everywhere expect the higher terrain. Up at Main Lodge after the 30s to start the week highs should in the upper 40s to low 50s Friday into early next week. Mammoth Lakes will get up into the mid 50s with Crowley and Toms Place into the mid to upper 50s.

Down in the Mill Pond and Bishop areas mid days highs will be in the mid to upper 70s with an 80 by next Monday possible. Over night slows will be in the teens tonight in the high country with 30s in the lower elevations.

By the weekend the freeze at night will continue getting down to at least 30 each night with over night lows down in the lower elevations moving into the 40s by the weekend.

Look’s like a great spring weekend for skiing, snowboard, snowmobiling, disc golf, hiking, and mountain biking. Nothing like skiing till early afternoon and then driving down to Rock Creek for an evening Mountain Bike Ride or Hike.


Snowfall Totals and the Base: Main Lodge is at 705 inches for the season. The base at the snow study site is now sitting at 245 inches.

As of April 8th at Mammoth Pass, there were 104.5 inches of water for the season. That amount of precipitation breaks the old top 2 years by 19 inches. 1969 had 85.5 on April 1st of that year. During the big snow year of 1983, the amount was 85 inches.

With that amount of water in the snow pack and all the heavy wet snow that has fallen, you can bank off a long run-off season. Skiing and Snowboarding could last well into August if there is a cooler summer.

The Seasonal Snowfall total comes from the Ski Patrols Snow Study site located at the 9000-foot level. The measuring station is located near chair 11.

To get an idea of how much has fallen over the top add 30% to the seasonal total that is being reported at the snow study site. I have measured around the hill for years after storms and found this to normally be an accurate formula to follow.


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